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Current Video:Epic Sunday: Manchester United, Liverpool Analysis|

The FOX Soccer News crew breaks down Epic Sunday's Manchester United vs Liverpool clash.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you -- I'm not watching fox soccer news last night. Epic Sunday kicking off -- Old Trafford where all eyes -- on the primary league's top two scorers. Robin van Percy and is sixteen goals for united while Liverpool's Luis -- right behind him at fifteen. And then it was Brendan Rodgers -- the rivalry Flames by saying he would not take -- Percy over Suarez who would get the edge this not well. Let's show him Manchester United sitting -- seven points ahead of city for top spot in the table headed into this one. Nineteenth minute -- ever with the low cross water in that person is there. And there's his Premier League leading seventeen golden seasons when he as a member of menu which one -- lead for the red Devils. -- third minute. Joseph well -- with the -- brutal giveaway game well back do well to get an open shot off but it Daniel Haggar. Villanova teammate with the ball. But the stuff. Right there. 41 minute Liverpool having some difficulty putting the ball off cleverly for the powerful ball late just going wide. Just that close and red Devils keep pressing 45 minute run play health finding -- Percy in the area. Tries to score the clever finish spartans girdle. Clearing that away. Absolutely one mil may view it as they went about half. And in the 54. Minute. Then Percy takes the free kick ball gonna go off have a rough than them but he admitted his head of first goal of the season welcome back. Two mil from Manchester United. Four minutes later. Stevie G. Steven Gerrard is stopped as Daniel Stewart making his friendly debut for Liverpool capitalizing on that rebound. -- would pull back in this thing trailing just to the -- 64 minute now united try to restore that two goal lead but they paid played. Great diving save tonight again I'll -- As we would go to the 85 minute now united. -- unable to clear the ball it's gonna find storage. Right opportunity but it shot. What over the net not even close Brendan Rodgers -- that was the chances. Would have another united holding on for the tenth hole. Take in this 121 Robin event vs Cali today his tenth goal in ten games united with the league double over Liverpool. Time since 20072008. After the games Rob Ferguson was impressed by the intensity of this war. Up until -- -- go to a fantastic. And I think they have do inspired with a goal supporters is somebody cheat on. And materials. -- -- statute of five minutes -- so. An -- really. Intends engrossing game and you go to -- put it in for coming by -- but I think that. Have -- given the -- I have -- ten minutes after -- -- -- single but the would have had a pro am very proud of the team. Today I thought that the. First off we. To be bit tentative at times enough and have ponson and I'm reaction presented nemesis for the opportunities in the game. The second half -- -- -- -- these -- to know just give up the fight that the fight by this. But -- it presents a second off week because maybe deserve something from the game still world -- disappointed to -- but. But take heart from the fact that we kept going and deficit understood wanna get another goal was was terrific and deficit said. The second half performance was much better. Well -- we build this game is a matchup between our VP and Luis Suarez no surprise that our VP at the score sheet no surprise whatsoever -- that's one of the best in the world. And doing what he does and that's creating space for himself in tight areas he doesn't precise. And time off the ball -- here's the ball. And be the -- -- from because -- -- -- well marks here and if he's distracted the plate he sees everything possesses illegals to work on -- at -- Three quick steps to get tiger back -- and it is to move forward. One -- this case the ball arrives on time. -- can't recover its one nail. You give players event vs quality one yard that's all we need to punish you won you know. Yeah that's all they need and they don't need Liverpool making costly mistakes if you're a fan of Liverpool. You know what it's it's having to point out a bit off into the state and -- mistake in the Puerto Liverpool and in both cases it's the mindset of the players involved that question yeah. And it just caught in the wrong frame of mind what's his ball was wide. What's this young man as he closed them yet. That's with them you look what he does he turns his back to the ball it's gonna come and -- thank you very much that person says ever now watch. Romance stories here and be seen that that's been the night before watching body language his hands -- -- didn't think the ball's -- but Sosa but this beats. This is not in the right for you mind if the ball on the rise and I -- -- -- not surprise these guys that high it's all about. Being in the right -- -- -- on both ends of the field and today it cost of join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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