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  1. Olympic Games1:49
  2. Southampton0:18, 1:14
  3. Hampton2:02
  4. Saints0:31, 0:34
  5. Lawrence1:45
  6. Jets0:47

Current Video:Aston Villa v Southampton Premier League Highlights 01/12/13|

Who would come out on top in Saturday's clash between Aston Villa and Southampton? Find out here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Instant in a season heats and you know as they dropped into the premier league's bowls in three filling bit iffy to -- into dedication rivals Southampton. The game that was anti and that this in the eighth inning it stained tees but that's real opportunity -- didn't come until the 27 minute. Seventy year old -- she'll beat me to his future it to the Saints this week. Like this place maybe pick Saints the game. Night many snakes in the country not Posey replaced Chris -- -- until they told awarded a penalty and then it's at night -- and its. To indistinct that was -- Jets to a -- scapegoat he gets inside the penalty area and we he's not this season at. That is based company kids and a is that what makes it cool what will be sides met back in September. -- public -- -- them to -- -- the second half but just couldn't find a way three Stevens coming place to making -- -- stick giving away that penalty. It's not little -- night flirts. But they did a -- idealist hopes Couric's question that technique Southampton had lost just two at the analyst and and really matches that political dinner out of the great. Jason Hudson needs to its way into the penalty area. And that he kill. The outside of the place and taken faulty points from today's announcement and -- matches. Not surprisingly -- a three -- split they so desperately its sense of that equalizing goal. Stevenson -- technique complaining again it's time to strike as -- and now the next night Lawrence. You know with ten points and -- Olympic Games in just seven goals in their last Ted. Really struggled with -- Bill is getting paid as the day meant to stop -- -- technique night like. South Hampton held old. -- Heatley in -- in victory.

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