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How would West Ham respond to its 2-2 FA Cup draw with Manchester United when Sam Allardyce's side travels to Sunderland? Check out all the action here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Three goals in three -- -- points to Sunderland benefits went -- to success it dictates. -- I'm supposed to sit you on the road now fight to win games without a win and it -- fan and store away from lots of talk. Did you fall -- having his best chance of the opening three minutes driving in stride just died at UC masterminds go. So to fool to deadlock was broken by -- Lawson. One yet sisco this season that this was not totally against a line. But getting to some pretty elite teams this season sent blossomed from 25 yards hit. His spot simply brilliance Atlanta specifically influence and knew Dave would you don't principally. Yes -- no jobs. But let's go. That's right you don't matter of metaphors and doing that you missed you know. Medical -- to see if -- Johnson capitalizing on some big be defended by -- and united in particular. Pretty good deficit to dental office. From any time and time coaches coaches getting to the back -- at all after James -- received badly tonight might. You suggest -- -- -- failing to clear their lines were stopped. And Sunderland punishing you received that it stops at the second half for the home -- -- -- borderline outside the -- Celtics were great position. Find safe against Carolina -- at the -- the world hitting the votes they should really didn't subside. Don't -- so fortunate britney's after. But it was safe and then he put too excited when sent united but the thing I don't think eventually job. Or sentiments toward the hard right -- by staff insisted on strike stuff but it eventually found its its attendance McClain. Right place at the right time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and I think that's -- -- and deservedly so. A crucial win. -- --

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