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Labeled a 'rotten apple' by club owner Silvio Berlusconi, it seems not everyone at AC Milan holds a dim view of Mario Balotelli.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Labeled a Rolston council by club -- still -- furthest any case seems not everyone AC Milan -- didn't feel very valid tally. The serie a solid are absolutely still interested in signing Manchester city's troubled strikeout. Underprivileged champions they -- willing to -- they controversial Italian. It's just a two million pounds valuation is Mets. -- -- -- -- -- the fifty million pound transfer of our opponent grader from Cynthia with -- before Brazilian -- -- -- looking increasingly unlikely. The -- has been in London this week to discuss potential maintained since the strike has a Eagles are reading this season. Of -- Andrea fellow called for Franklin can't join him he events this island of its consolidation interest in -- took golf some heroes. Fiorentino sixty bullets in the midst of the situation this perfect bridge consistently produce at the end of the season. We Suarez is a closed to considering his future -- who do you go on strike out designs on playing in the champions league. And -- become -- subject of an affliction fetus -- Manchester City. Manchester United maybe leading the race to -- we'll fits our home from Crystal Palace but the championship club insist that -- his legs back into them until the end of the season. Go to to sustain its push and push to -- elite. Because while maintaining their French connection they can on the lookout -- most say slow week ready since signing -- it to -- she from Neil. Another sixty yards of red midfield again at the end. Meanwhile Asians on defendant for every City College TV has had a shot request to leave the -- by the end of the month almost retired Heytvelt was four years of the most plays. And funny reading buss promised them to through doubled to lead before starting well back questioning why you -- -- the forwards would -- the credibility struggle it's.

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