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Current Video:Andre Villas-Boas shoots down transfer rumors|

Check out the FOX Soccer News crew discuss Tottenham's reason for not entering the transfer market.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It would you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night report. In goals scored in the primarily to offense has not been a problem for taught him this season. Pending departure of Emanuel out of -- door to the African Cup of Nations leaves a hole up front but their manager doesn't appear to be too concerned. About becoming absentee and Hodge has more on the story. We've Emmanuel out of Royals impending the politics in the African Cup of Nations so little holes that -- okay -- that she's facing the prospect of the next few weeks. He's just won back to -- strike hit. Can they defend is set to shoulder the phils could included the title is in South Africa with the tenth at -- night. But despite the loss of the 28 yeah -- it's BS bush says he won't be playing in and defend them. Dismissed speculation can -- as the -- for the -- -- with the younger coming out. You have to recognize that it would give us enough in a vulnerable position we're we're always believed them. In the MCI as a striker who we've played them before him and in the Capital One cup games. So there's always that alternatives. I assume some it's something that create we have to be aware. But it's that I highly unlikely that who do I think Colin Hendry is a player that true we've always appreciated his club appreciate it before when I when I arrived. Is extremely difficult that he is going to join it and talk to them as a player that is what I believe. Rich it is in the market and is extremely unlikely that -- -- play for the. Out of Wales last night before leaving full South Africa will be the clash at queens park Rangers on assassinate. Is sees this clip against Fulham boss Harry -- but despite coming up gazed around the lead spend -- team full in the Petitti last season. Yes but she's just concentrating on getting the win. And we I mean what can we approach the game we no longer on the good run of form too. The full of confidence and wanting to profits from what we can Wear them into the top teams meet each other. So you know we take it to him. Very very seriously here this week and who want to to continual progress in some way. You have to look to -- behind and win. A win out of -- they could make it fully victory simulated space and keep -- that place in the for the week. But it got deeper in the transfer into -- Danny a little bit but let's talk about why the Spurs have not made a move. Hope to be quite honest I don't think they can really afford to buy and one at the moment they make free big signings. In the somewhat. With Clint Dempsey come in and. Then Nellie coming in and you -- -- -- spent a lot of money -- Saw them -- we go along money and -- things are very picked -- don't get me wrong but they haven't got the money off men succeed we'll chumps into going spend. What amazes me. They -- good teams don't get me wrong. I still feel though that. -- -- -- -- Is not playing right field was playing as well. But they really wanted this guy in the end Jordan missing anybody goes going to be a big hits and I think yeah now they don't have a lot of money ascend to do they have enough up front with the absence of out of -- I still think they have enough up front to get. Results against -- opposition but when that went against Diego position I think they're gonna miss the big guided by you'll cause he's a good -- man is -- good Saudi. And he brings us more the strikers in around. I do think though that they're gonna have a little bit of a problem. With the likes of the full and them to play enough so to give -- the folks similar strike because the full impact players in and around the -- like to score goals. They need to -- up from for the big men and -- roughly every stroke. If they don't get another guy you and then they might play out. You wanna -- and Dempsey and behind so. That's going to be their problem -- had to buy all of its augment watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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