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His future remains unclear at Manchester City, but if Mario Balotelli wants to return to Italy it appears his options may be limited.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's seen -- innings and play at Manchester City but if -- if -- -- -- lobster accident to -- city should he need -- -- -- -- Is it pays his options of -- joined now slowly decreasing. The 22 year old has been linked with a move today it around the club he's bolted as a boy. Let's according to club president Silvio Berlusconi. -- and likely to happen. You know necessity of it with the unit I'm sorry it's a site that lets -- a AC Milan as is every -- saint. It is tough sickly importance in the human aspects ethnic if you closer -- Napoli in the changing room. That's the way we say it and insects all the others at the Saints from my personal experience. On full might I'm an opinion on Marion Sally is a manatee I wouldn't -- sent Tim in the AC Milan changing -- It selecting your opponent today my -- -- just about it. It was put -- -- me. So if ballot Tedy is a welcome in Macedonia on Atlantic besides that would he be will -- to cities and other team. Well according to in his full messy as he wouldn't. No I don't think so because. And you know Wayne -- in a cup. And be deacon in -- -- -- like that that you could not come back. The first film I have been afraid he's a good coach or not I'll call -- -- -- -- nothing can mean I had. But. Is not safe for Utah -- holy month. Who stuck to -- enough to get a.

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