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Current Video:Exclusive: Grant Wahl chats with Michael Bradley|

Come see FOX Soccer News Analyst, Grant Wahl, have a sit down with U.S. International, Michael Bradley.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you -- if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night since arriving at -- Michael Bradley has become an integral part of that midfield but Bradley's real glory they come from his international play it's 45 year old already has 72 caps to his name for the stars and stripes and since hearing Klinsmann took over from his father -- remember the US men's national team has won more -- Michael Bradley in the lineup than not fox soccer and sports Illustrated's grant -- caught up with the scrappy American. Your coach with dramas Dennehy is a mind is considered sort of that a mad genius of swords and -- attack minded as a coach what you -- about his philosophy for the game. Yeah as you said it and he's a coach who is has his ideas he has his ideas and then how we want teams to play. Once certain things for. Do that every time we step from the field. Once his teams when they get the ball to go forward. Was this possession -- -- the -- backwards and sideways and it's not me. Encourages us and demand since -- you know win win. Balls -- want to look for. To be such good. Have to look forward. We have guys on the move and and you know when one -- -- -- one guy moves out of one area the next guys look -- moving there so it's it's. -- this that he he knows exactly what he wants from his team's. I've heard you talk about the modern game over the years what he considered to be a modern midfielder. From me. You know when you talk about the best midfielders in the world today you have to be able to do everything you know you have to. And a lot of times you have to -- be able to to tweak little things and at different times based on the game based on the TV -- What your team needs. People speak a lot of my defense. The box to box. It's. What else is going on I think when you lose you know about it and I can. At times. Do both at the same time and didn't find a way that to have such an impact on the game and such an impact. With my team that there's there's no way we don't win. 2013 is a big year for the US national team -- World Cup qualifying coming up. How was it helps for you to have the experience of going through qualifying for years ago and what sort of things are you looking for as we head into these ten big games this year. It's exciting year. It's you get to this point. In the same ball. -- -- The ten best games against the. But five of the best teams so. Reticence when. By now old. The team has started to to reshape. Itself. Austin. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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