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Current Video:Klinsmann talks USMNT training camp omissions, inclusions|

Find out why Landon Donovan did not make Jurgen Klinsmann's training camp squad and why Omar Gonzalez has a bright national team future.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

US men's national team head coach Juergen Klinsmann joins us now coach. Let's start with the big name that is not on the list why is Landon Donovan not in this camp. Well let it has not been invited because obviously his car is taking is great is in. If your -- future of the data that's out there MLS cup final and viewed. At a point yet they know what he wants to do so I can blow that that's why they are we didn't invite and didn't. And out yet curious that anybody else you know what what what -- position will be in the future time but right now he's not. That out of pocket. How many guys on this roster do you need to get onto that Honduras roster. I mean all the people don't let -- Adding an all European player that I am dependability in the bonus they got in -- Michael -- in that area off. Wherever they play. Made it. Gilbert called rule in the bay and I'd -- you know as a good and they'll get expanded eight guys out of that. Who now make it to the hard work. A lot of question marks at center back what does Omar Gonzales need to show you. Unit that showed a lot venues ready in that he's ready you know for a except in all it seems the national. Our football and we -- the -- -- that. If you want to break it he -- the show are that he's ready to write -- -- -- -- I'm gonna be ready to communicate a lot and and legal responsibility. And out. If you if a lot reported injury at the beginning of last year you know we would have been that are already on a regular base. Yet. Obviously tremendous physical abilities now who are built there was only nine so very. Good oh lead and a bag -- national event to another level and that's all we are happy to have him now finally live out in camp. And did it work on the -- -- Chris one allows the enters off of a career year in Major League soccer what are you gonna tell him that you want to see from the in this camp. Well I mean Chris is not a role model and. And he knows that it means the top level and what they're a national event that I could this still a big difference I need to -- -- -- -- -- -- He give you everything he has in every camp -- every training session. On and off the field. And that that's why it's so good out of the national in Boston not national it will. I'm obviously in all went to get an opportunity that was cycle we want him to score goals the same way he does it does that fit that there are great.

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