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Can QPR get on a roll after stunning Chelsea at Stamford Bridge? FOX Soccer's Lloyd Barker gives his thoughts.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed by not watching fox soccer news last night. -- geographically here in West London separated. Premier League. It's good support team -- Greg just. 500 area has been much benefit UV off -- upset over Chelsea might just be the turning point of their season but this -- -- saw they need to improve their squad this month Harry is downplayed though QPR's pursuit of high priced talent -- what some players should -- our fans expect Wesley Snyder types Gary Scott -- has more. It's here I'm not such a bleak midwinter for curry but keep PO she's. Chilly outside the warm glow inside courtesy of that takes hold outs when. But Chelsea can send. We hope he's -- chips it's. Going -- can -- this feel and instincts. Wasn't he's already run would -- coming. And keep it clean sheet is a team to school today against Villa. They win the so we didn't know just twos on -- best Busch east no it isn't even though he's been offered to him by an agent yet. But you know. Took to be looking just so you know. He says no it's gonna happen. Chris Thomas and army the army -- within a half million release ticket it's coach speak to thank you raffle who's going to. The best you can thank a million times but Sam is apparently he's not to -- reasons it. How about MLS close season they -- Robby Cano Tim Cahill didn't improve and detained until it is too. Fantastic professional and two great players so. But I'm supposed to do and -- They did it all the possible way to move -- us -- and -- projected to -- He should continue to possibility that you you know he's he's a that I like is -- -- to -- when they do say easy you know he's he's so dangerous me. -- -- Who play and he should be coaching staff. I can listen -- talk on -- I hope that if he leads management if at some point that he hosts like a nightly television show where -- -- -- at least talk about all these great things in the football world. The key to keep your article on a consistent run is it just got to play more London teams that's there the band is that's the thing. To be aren't about it Harry that you wanted to be your uncle -- you -- -- funny God's honest characteristic that strange uncle -- disabled thing inappropriately makes you laugh the whole entire day there. Q he offered me you know this is -- this could be a turning point in -- should've -- winning winning does something -- to. A group of players that it's almost indescribable really because you go to a locker room after you wanna be game over a big team. Like this this that recent results for QPR and it's a different lol over the players they they're there are far more jovial. The confidence is losing out of them and you just wonder can that carry on and use of the kind of doesn't some received reform. It's a good about it yet received -- -- -- this year and I thought Utley and see what a lot of -- and it's repetitive. Time and time again that this is about the most recent Liverpool they were just terrible in all departments. That was the -- the I'll read this for me is where they lack fights. -- -- Inactives desire to win and then of course. This by far is these -- so we've seen at all that's the one thing we know from two yards. They have no surprise force anymore seemed to good -- the bat who seemed a mean for me that was the greats that Chelsea win and one thing we know for sure is that winning. Can become contagious Harry Redknapp will be praying that that's what happens for his team and keeping our fans everywhere will be surely. Join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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