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Current Video:FA Cup Preview|

FOX Soccer News gives you the scoop on what to expect during this weekend's FA Cup fixtures.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- has but not watching fox soccer news last night. Coming up Saturday on fox soccer plus Bryson -- -- demo Obama's New Castle that they got back on gets going at 7:45 AM eastern. 4:45 AM Pacific on fox soccer plus. So the -- league takes a break for the FA cup this weekend here's a look at some of the key third round fixture at right knocked out Newcastle in the fourth round last season. I would love to see him off again this year you can see that on fox soccer plus seven point 5 AM eastern. Villa play host -- Mick McCarthy's have -- reading -- once I'd probably -- full -- -- Blackpool. You can see Saturday struggling that have a -- Hanson vs Chelsea on fox soccer starting with that state and 9:30 AM eastern. And city have Watford at the weekend on the -- there way to Peter for a you can see out of box on a bus and 9:55 AM east. Another probably -- sees the baggage that Loftus road. Spurs host Coventry and finally. Manchester United on Upton park you can see it on fox in the main network starting at noon. Joining me now that's a break down our Premier League last weekend and -- pick up accidents are men and Winnipeg Bob McMahon Bobby let's go with the you know this being the -- up in the third round announced -- viewed as the start of the tournament but. This tournament's been going since we've been doing the show the beginning of August. It's at a Hamas a wonderful. They can get taught about named realist though that over 750 teams that actually be an eight runs a play that -- and we buck in August without running the Colgate -- the live in a run. The ball 400 team -- but they until the finally whittled it that would -- the level that he's coming at -- different -- than you -- the big guys coming in. Championship teams and defensively he's better already into what they're the last 64. There's already you -- with 700 teams that know that they're gonna get a win win me the only way they're gonna do is by buying the tickets. And people joked he wrote about the Europa league and how that's the league -- a thousand athletes but realistically it's the FA cup. No team has won the F pick up more times in Manchester United but they haven't won since 2000 for the B no -- Yet you go watch even the final appearances there's only been the one -- that was the -- in the game against your I think it was 2007. Which was -- But remembering who is an awful final -- you drove a school of that. At the -- makes -- through every view that amazed that he bit United's record has not been good in the month they -- -- -- -- -- -- people cost the remains but it. Did in 2000 when they went to Brazil to win the club World Cup instead of Mahan today he called and maybe see not an indicator that a pleasant really. It doesn't -- high on the priority list nothing that's the situation again and I'm pretty convinced that logic they lost the -- -- and how expensive would lose a -- with a but it. And to be family fight and I show from all of that should be if ways how to lose. Would lose much sleep I left. I think you're right about both managers swans in Arsenal Schmidt pretty tight affair this is at the liberty I think this -- my -- -- he's favors what do you think. Yet but he'll still make an optional hitters -- resiliency mind as you've been I was kind of surprised I thought that they'd be a lot more money -- -- -- he week. Not that good result emirates a couple of fight week to go -- games ago since the end of the relevant today don't really pushed on from that I think only one went in the Los. By games were sworn into something we've seen and the thing topic could result against one of the bigger teams -- -- vacation when the two of them are able to officially get results. It's one good golf club but don't let me hit it well but his. They've got a couple one -- sent to lake city finally come up against Chelsea. In the fourth legacy next week so what about the dilemma if you want to look at it -- Johnson hit the Wimbley. You cut it to the top the one -- I'm not linked to a plea to -- a lot -- upset at light -- choices and maybe keeping some of these bigger guns that pressure for the game against Chelsea that was next Wednesday. Now mention that sir Alex Ferguson might not be too bothered if they crashed out of the FA cup in the third round but I'm convinced that if Brendan Rodgers sighed his -- crash out of Mansfield town. There would be that would that would be a lot -- hunt and it feel right. It would be a radio there with one degree shot civil tight you know look at minds he'll tell you that maybe if we're mindful that bonds -- they would in the football league bit. The -- even managed to find a we have the who bully got the relegating -- into those and Neitzel but -- what we used to be calling on the team that is so many levels I've. That added that sailed then just things they did so four divisions but have not been missing very much success that bike the bike division mean divisions -- championships and in the seventies in the when a couple of -- a cops but. -- success in months feel -- we'll know being that acquaintances or go to London fifteen years of the existence. One thing that is made the FA -- priorities. And you certainly can't debate this is Chelsea and then -- of their dominance they've been on over the last few years is remarkable but Chelsea on the -- it's a Hamptons and make it a priority again this year though they're really not that far off the -- really title race. Well that's sadly that's the good points Philippines PPI mean dot -- -- illegal lol but more distance Solomon and a little but more. Question whether it's how realistic it realistic to cool it's not golf sadly I think cup success last year it was hottest day yet. He's hot as the yet recipe for the resurrection Yeltsin had we didn't get a few humans but you play against but coming home and I think this Chelsea's. He didn't explain to a certain extent I think we'll release and it went above and when -- -- Rather than anything else but the pushed on from -- over the green when in the semifinal against Boston of course went on to win the golf. I'm persona when which obviously is well you look at beneath his coming in there who would look at it the Premier -- -- being put hops a little but more about. Along shall we score you know hopefully -- -- think he takes us tediously he's got a couple one cup is a mentioned before with Swansea coming up too late semifinal. He's got their -- he's got the cup competitions to play -- -- kills evicted all the very seriously. Now I think so too now Nigel I can pull out a full roster or not. I think they quit trying to -- -- that a situation -- -- -- -- quick -- -- of -- -- -- confident team they go big game coming up against them believe it's possible annex south of the and I think. Like so many other things. -- all the things differently. Defensively did a wonderful to build on through those tough pill with the Saints and Morton money for the next year as well. Think even more important if there's something different than those independent. Powerful effect on the -- reporting teams the seventh for the win on as a second of it and I. To win it -- do you want to stay in the final I think the Premier League is definitely the priority. Newcastle vitally wanna watch to -- -- can pull off another upset in that take care new -- like -- did last year -- part is gonna have a lot of questions to answer this press have some serve. Join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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