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Everton haven't been beaten at home since March 2012. Could the Toffee's fend off Chelsea?


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And it's it won't Chelsea TV away site come from behind to take the points and keep -- title hopes alive. Habits that started the match quite -- there were ahead with just 62 seconds on the hook Steve and -- got flashy game. And a steady ticket Teddy Jack built his cross speculates that -- You know who exploded yet it by -- -- these team that we had back in that theory like minute for the full time this season. -- it would've gone up but Chelsea in the table with a victory this afternoon. You'll most nights you get up. We'll take minutes keeps you -- -- free kick in the back of the same place that and it should be. That's struck shortly before. It's that with the last three putted eight meetings between these two activists that. They could have been out since ninety -- -- -- ballack the Chelsea tragedy came into the game and they drew level. The 22 minutes of the match for their eyes prospect -- by frank. All that I make -- goal historic it is not for the first time since 2006. Chelsea coming into this game on the back to full straight Ivy League wins. You have found that form there Rafael Benitez. Chances -- in the second half -- But did what they instilled that these big -- really picky she's got a pitch tonight by the crossbar. When she's striking wood went for the second time in the game. It was Chelsea he would take the points and -- the ability to read it to -- on his -- -- took the club next but he briefings where. When he's racing Atlantic she'll still quite valid and have not reacting quickly student. It's attitudes that type defeats it's much. He's enrolled 53 points with Johnson Chelsea quite clear things chasing champions -- spot. Lackey gave it unison Chelsea would like to go still won't.

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