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Current Video:Recap: Manchester United snatches late winner|

Come see the FOX Soccer News crew break down Manchester United's thrilling victory over Newcastle United.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He is what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night and we star. An Old Trafford where the league leaders welcomed it really Newcastle side to the reds out of -- sets after being held to a draw Swansea. United held just a four point lead over city atop the probably table to make things even more challenging. Wayne Rooney picked up an injury in training so having Hernandez would make his first start since November that's when he takes. What it paid off. Well for all the kids that sat down hoping to learn some great technique gives you some solid defensive work. This -- that's -- learning what's exciting in the fourth minute that the ball with a golf wideout -- that they have carried the ball went right to defeat of james' first. He scored it one -- for the magnifies what a start point fifth minute lot of adversity delivers a free kick. Having Hernandez's stuff that Jonny Evans flies them to bury the rebound -- -- no chance. And -- little one. 48 minute -- Simpson. He crossed the that in. Evans deflects it and verbal -- not a lot of that has a slight -- outside everybody. Overrides them in the -- -- threw one Newcastle United not happen that hill thirty ninth minute you got from the free kicks Obama ball rattled a shot off the bar. Newcastle so they want that's -- -- the next five depth of 45 minutes there in dreamland. 58 minute -- several top of the area is that it looks like Preston cruel world level again and has outscored its greatest ever. To go into games for the Frenchman sixtieth minute and former red double. Instead he'll accent he cuts the ball back to pass BC say. The Senegalese frontman -- Newcastle back in front 32. What a game 71 minute ever since doc let him -- with the rebound comes back there obviously I make no mistake on the second attempts. Were tied at three. Games than the seventy ninth minute he continues to be entertained Michael Carrick -- the ball behind the big event birthday. We'll put -- shot just wide. Of the talk about making passes -- for sure eightieth minute. Antonio Valencia crossed the Ryder Menendez is diving header just stop the outside of the post. To the 85 minute Sammy having -- -- works his way into the area. He sets himself up for a shot but he finds the closeness. Newcastle still showing signs of life injury time we go Michael Garrett with a chip pass for 23 so. Who scored the winning goal I feel like that we don't if -- Newcastle fan but 431. Win for the united. Fans at the united beating Newcastle again. Thrilling fashion they won three nil let's Indians park back in October Evans and never. Had those first two goals in that game soon Newcastle have not won away Old Trafford in any opposition. Since February 1972. After the match sir Alex you have this is they've got new -- controversial football. -- second goal was richly disallowed that are awarded we silly speed threat for him pitch off time what did you say to him what was he saying did well. Maybe it has the benefit of go -- have been doing -- Korea. -- -- -- We're supposed to say because bobbled and also it does in the post made me also to join hands on. Which took a couple of interviews was that the -- that's for. It's difficult because you scoop for you go see your Old Trafford. Takes time from the gun it's for Eagles. Oppose him in. When you come here I guess you never think the game is roughed up because of that powers of recovery but at any point you think may -- on the way that -- -- -- -- not. In your own truck with a shall we gifted them the lost golf and that's what's really pulling his I would hit the post -- the bongo free goals that I. You're not so offensive study then you go get -- the guy and we haven't once again that through the -- -- have a given those three things -- time. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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