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Current Video:Reading v Swansea City Premier League Highlights 12/26/12|

Could the Royals ease the pressure off of manager Brian McDermott with a win at him to Swansea? Find out here.


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Struggling -- posted Michael took slightly since he signed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it is that this success who dominated the early stages and Davies and loose ball combined to settle spun it should. But if you know -- -- Ortiz fourteen pick in the hole all the season. Wolves this body gets posted total but in the day. 26 targeting goals in his last -- games you would expect the sea Lions the fact that it. She's a kid -- another foot justice people of Alabama. For students that wrapping up the Christmas gift. -- makes it but somehow it it's not that that he -- over the course well. -- have conceded what goals in the -- nearly the any help inside the season they looked it generous route itself but it until tipoff tonight. Second half Medicaid fruitful it was -- you get closest to it two minutes into the second half. Is it a lesson that it -- down. -- -- -- -- Sensitive to make it three weeks. Wait for both the Redick had other ideas and particularly out of the Pulitzer. The Royals the lead with just -- defeat the critics that goes the distance can appreciate the victory but tell explosive offensive. But -- goal with Diego marital -- -- pressure. It was still -- today. -- went from strength to strength though they got a confidence thing. She's notorious knows everything that the focus fully formed into the it was what pretty pathetic probably spent it so we'll see. Thanks to fix it record in the league ball matches this city and wait -- -- It's to keep another clean sheet -- that he's ready you know -- now.

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