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Queens Park Rangers manager Harry Redknapp shares his thoughts with the media about how some of his 'average' players earn far too much money.


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You know really -- those who don't fool you know I want to spend in Miami media go to Leon to the other. These visual guys these guys who have fought too much money for what -- Fall fall fall too much money for war you imagine that is -- what they give. So. Know them -- roll them. Until eternity when is he did the young is active -- take advantage anymore what they haven't lost in there isn't a Rangers might be a problem and have them. That is -- that these guys here I mean. Well -- -- callously and usually won't anybody that was good job so little of everything. I don't wanna shed that reputation -- frustrated over 181000 people. He should be paid massive wages when you -- -- beautiful about it. -- -- -- -- You know most it is -- -- Indian ladies. And -- the -- and as the bad guys. So. We'll be careful. Between. What we -- finally today I didn't -- thankful that I think and that was the situation but yeah. They didn't did not being on the leading up you know Benji Gil Morgan and he didn't feel he he should be substitutes even. Yeah it's -- -- he's -- he's -- -- find them for 30000 now. -- -- that you would actually. Patient and there's -- defense. You know she wanted to step in. And he's okay.

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