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  1. Yankee Stadium0:17
  2. Jose Mourinho1:03
  3. Old Trafford0:06
  4. scores twice2:16
  5. Chelsea's1:56
  6. Cubs0:42, 1:44
  7. Sonics1:21
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Don't miss a break down of the top team match ups of the Champions League round of 16 draw.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Site United's face a tough at the bit out of place -- on that because that he does models not close to race either tent like an Old Trafford on March the fifth. Run now there remains a fans' favorite -- traffic's. And scored in the final last time the united won the champions league. In Moscow with a -- Yankee Stadium. He did miss a penalty. In that -- in the sheets up but never lets you know who -- at 65 -- ran out of school 42 goals and competitions for us that season. In his final three years the Cubs scored ninety times. And 153 pairs his teammates to Madrid in 2009. Pro world record eighteen million pounds. And it's fair to say that article about it for money because he has an astonishing reckless this is meets the -- about scoring a 169. Goals. In a 169 games. -- tells -- to -- your status under Jose Mourinho could third commitment since happens in the count Todd pulled say famously. Won the first. Didn't even. -- Sonics -- one decent continue not to know that it's nice to build on aggregates. On -- to the final in 2009. In right. -- -- to know what an ultra. -- -- in that ties one of only two defeats former again against Alex in fourteen meetings he's actually 16 and have also been six rules. Pass on exits votes for the Cubs website said it's -- tie of the -- it's a great opportunity for our -- -- John again. And -- for me to meet television I say again. I needed to order some good red white. That Celtic can do but it's so all of Chelsea's could be -- for the first six and type act -- to pop back and he's on -- -- -- the factory before the lieutenant and -- Always -- the sixth of march again it's life is gospels to HD you know the last on the sides met. Was in -- champions league group. Stage. Down from one Celtic woman behind games pulled -- -- receptive -- the -- scores twice including the winner Martin. In charge. So. Also which -- against -- -- awesome legacy that kind of the first like on cheese and onto the -- the second leg. I'd be an answer -- is -- those gospels to HD on Wednesday. March the fifteenth is the first meeting between the size of the 2005 quarterfinal. Both clubs have got to meet some new ground since then Munich went through 32 when we get. From the foot bank. 31.