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Manchester United club secretary John Alexander and former Real Madrid player Emilio Butragueno are delighted with the mouthwatering tie of the Red Devils facing Los Blancos.


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Which are a thing of the fourteen teams enjoyed seeing that particular draw come out I mean it is a standout Ty is and I think it is and -- a game that. Everybody wants a disabled but nobody wants to see that wants the same place in the competition -- Out of several standouts on something this is the longest they would of had a wonderful farm at Wembley would -- I think given exhibitions in the two published in this competition in the both incredibly successful. As close to passers they've -- I guess one thing yet this CSN you know I even -- one victory against. Villagers in this competition was in the end of we will in the final at Wembley so let's hope that's not on the field position. Chris John and Aldo comes back to Old Trafford truth to replace the team when he was a star as well I mean that's an intriguing extra aspect to the guidance and. Yeah I'm sure his into the game and well he's been shelled in game forehand. Is a great great professional. So I'm sure that it that it is he's trying to do his best to do to help from a -- qualify from the restaurant. Back then yes of course and you know going back there. That is going to be in the world really relievers just have. How much will Jose Mourinho relish taking home. So Alex Ferguson Manning has a great deal of respect for that that they are good friends as well moment. And they have a relationship. Well -- fantastic and monitor -- and that comptroller and there is still hope we have rehabbing with team. And of course I hope that he has gone to. To leave that team. These sent instantly to cheers to feel our our funds. The tomato or -- -- proud of the team doesn't in the main objective.

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