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Current Video:Theo Walcott's talent is questioned with Arsenal|

Come see the FOX Soccer News crew discuss whether Arsenal can afford to lose Theo Walcott.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Feel all got as one of the most polarizing players in English football I say this because most fans think he's either amazing. Were awful doesn't seem to me too much of an in between when it comes to be 23 year old. Arsenal Winger -- started former got his legend ray parlour hopes stays at the emirates. He's so important he did kick failed our main. You know I'm not a plan as we'd be. Dale while we vehement mesa quite that any most of so hopefully that becomes the next six -- was -- his -- These guys if it causes -- -- agent says. -- Bethea and it would be zero cent million this was his -- to go there may be available we can get -- -- week. My piece of that some money because he's you don't always going to be a big big money any right now I'll make you don't think about people and some sums as well what an -- where mother had developed as a ply a bat out. And -- how awesome not won a trophy for seven years to be able to creditors have been deciding. I want wanna be taller these youngsters coming through the ranks on the jetBlue -- looks like -- on and of course it was a did ought to be you know mom has big big news fossil words this -- is in the clout. So Fairmont look at their subjects to the study folks like trying believe he's he's gonna improve. I don't wanna be politics. You know hopefully our piece of football -- enough not money. They've got to make some good points up look at what ball -- done that. At our point three years old of course he is an English international has made a 162 from a league appearances for the gunners registering 31 goals. It's -- it is this is also appeared in 47 European fixtures for the club -- -- eleven goals and nine assists there. So coach attorney -- and I asked to be a mistake them for Arsenal to let this guy go right now. I think it will be four for several reasons one they can ill afford to let them -- great player goal great per -- yeah -- I really think you. He is already a pretty decent player but at his age. And what the ex Arsenal is what Arsene Wenger really needs to -- pace youth. And he can score -- will continue to score a goal because central role for Arsenal which is. Good this year as well now but I was remark about that you know what there's nothing other players can do persuade -- -- -- openly it is his decision. And are the winners come out and said all the right things but they haven't acted upon it so. Is wearing your finger the end tinker men that he can even without Welker continued to change his team and be competitive. I think it is particular target especially after I've dizziness came out and say it's. You know what we need to do better we need to compete we need to start winning things letting young players tell the young players go. That have a future brisk walk and is is -- good at something to this team as a starter they can ill afford to. I just don't think he's a player that puts a team over the top I mean he's certainly he's dynamic he's got pace. He wants to be sent to force and he wants to be a 100000 pound we've got I don't think he's a player if it's hard thousand part and I agree with you -- ago. But 80000 pounds with seventeen would go back I think I think Christine that there will be a lot of -- -- wouldn't be one of. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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