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Would Norwich City make it 10 game in a row unbeaten? Find out here.


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This is just the eighth. Meeting between -- city. And Wigan Athletic. But there is so not annoyed but stumping regulate drug which it would just one win in that last six -- -- it's for the better sites throughout. And took the lead but resident assistants that Anthony Pilkington. -- will be a close that it's. Beating Julio had the particularly guilty that what I had to it. But he couldn't keep that out. Of the game. And another week without the -- Wigan Athletic. You look at me and had. Club and NC just before the get excited -- three year deal to 2058. It will be fitted into the look at the break -- not just -- -- playing really good stuff about him had to. Chances came and went for the hosts. Pilkington missing another presentable opportunity to. This. The best of the loss and points tonight. We get -- -- double -- don't change -- to the second period of crisis levels. Sure -- stunt double making wont -- just fly eight minutes into the second half. A big -- from the substitute. It is -- equally to tip the balance of play set up my route they kill and we can still obscure. He -- schooled in the last six matches. But no it's sealed it the west you have. Charismatic presence in the last nine games set up like Pilkington. Pulled instead. For the Republican on the international. Those qualities for the league goal since thing. And off all three points. Like straight victories that -- city at home. Should have been like great ability now they'll have to. It inspired display that we feel that going Pilkington lights on Stewart pushed pulled the in the -- they didn't need it. It is what city do. We get walk.

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