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Current Video:2015 FIFA Women's World Cup emblem unveiled|

Watch as the official emblem for the FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015 is unveiled with the help of Canada captain Christine Sinclair and her teammates.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed by not watching fox soccer news last night. Have women's soccer was not only one of the most competitive competitions at the London Olympics one of the most entertaining since then we've seen the US women's national team light up the opposition. I'm a fan tribute tour and Canadian stock Christine Sinclair continues to be honored for her amazing year of point twelfth. On Friday the official emblem for the point fifteen fifa women's World Cup to be held in Canada was unveiled his -- acutely more. -- The soccer spectacles spread from coast to coast with corresponding events being held on Friday so it on each of the whole city's. But when it came time for the big reveal. Vancouver once again took center stage as the official emblem for the fifa women's World Cup. 2015. Was -- Field I was sitting beside John and it was unveiled and you know hit it sort of music this is it this is just the start of it united sort of -- surreal now that it's actually happening but you know much. In some of the play is an almost self a little bit emotional day and on here. The scene of visual of the kids throwing through the streets that different cities in its own become real now communal. You end of invest in four years you life in the this. And it's stone now. Get well this is it gets it's real it's coming to Canada I'm going to be big product so it's a little bit of excitement and a little bit and have sports then. You know just seeing the -- -- around the kids today who upon this this is and we must have. -- I think we're really ready we we've we've already proven that with previous events they under Tony be the most recent -- on the 2007. As I said earlier in my speech we still hold the record for our youth tournament with 50000 in attendance and I'm intent. Back in 2002. It in this country really galvanizes cities international events and -- I really expect. That all our games will be sold out and because Canadians. Really support not only game of football but support this team. And really I think as we see without international events where world leaders when it comes to them. Besides being staged in Canada for the very first time another big change for the upcoming tournament. Is the addition of eight teams as the women's World Cup expands from sixteen to 24 countries. I think that though Clemens gave the world the strengths. -- countries are becoming stronger and dominated. And is this is an opportunity for former teams to compete for that that ultimate glory glory that the World Cup so I think it's again. It will allow for more games sent him to kind of -- played in Canada. With the Canadians as the host and some additional spots added there could be as many as four CONCACAF countries taking part in 2015. -- group that should also include Mexico and the defending Olympic champion United States. So I think CONCACAF shows you not criticism to begin with sound and the skill level is improving as he signed January here you know any team can pretty much beat any team here. -- it's gonna be. Pretty hard to get that spot and I am I'm very curious to see who gets a house but that being pretty amazing to have four host here it's just a success and at the growth that this region has had in the women's game. You know what. People that they came here to watch the Olympic qualifiers -- witness -- I gather some weaker teams but. Yeah I think fifteen -- street gathered up and coming and they're only going to be that much better in three years. Home field advantage was a big key for Canada in CONCACAF Olympic qualifying but playing the World Cup on home soil. Is something completely different and will be interesting to see how John Heard inside reacts to the added pressure. As they play host to the single biggest women's sporting events in the world in 2015. -- we Q and fox soccer news Vancouver. Join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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