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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Round seventy defeat dropped these Premier League itself in the -- -- this New -- welcome Manchester City this weekend -- top. Saturday's early kickoff. You castles -- in life but at night. Think to put him on Monday means I haven't thought geez I've won just one of and a seven a with a -- festive period ahead and -- need -- mention. The abstinence as influential midfielder yep -- her body seems ever more evidence as the Buckeyes look for a creative -- Apologies porous defense is still suffering from the loss of momentum absentees Bryant had -- and tied up. A Christian last gasp defeat -- seventy cited a Manchester Dhabi last time out and sixty go into the game six points off the top. Desperately searching for a way to get that type of running back track. If not it will have to decide whether it's right we are -- ballots caddie or retain Carlos I've -- the stuff lined up. The Argentine team production just after half time that this city's best that I think tonight it. I've missed two assists all lives there and abilities and my points. It's you'll have to cut without captain Vincent company and guy out there like you that I think just last Sunday. They'll be ninety defense -- Mike Richards and Alexander color else convincing. Saturday wholesale season -- creeping Aston Villa side travel to anfield to take on Liverpool. After a full stop tonight in the northwest Brendan Rodgers has that insight on a run of just what defeat in eleven in the Premier League. -- last weekend's repeat victory at the west council the reds break into the top half of the title for the fifth time this season. We'll just we'll be glad to welcome back Luis Suarez after his suspension. -- to recognize strike in this -- the irishman was forced to play midfield with John John Shelby was in my book that I can't promise. Like Jazz and replay it was cool stuff before half time in the match and now it's not today. That I have steadied the ship traffic gets picked up by feel by Manchester City that's the since that game pulled up beside your unbeaten in full out of finds out that the renovations that. Goals have been the real problem the defendants. But recorded just doing the last five games is a real -- said I love that will be -- his strike is installed fiery guy goes up today. You may have to do it out to our bad side of the strike -- picked up a hamstring injury and storage in the -- week. So that it makes it tricky trip to Old -- when they take on the leaders Manchester United. You got to get into the game on a high after finally at the message you rivals team here unbeaten home run that's timeouts. But we've got -- that's been free kick by the red Devils into a six point lead at the top of the table during this period. United classic is that perfect game going into the new year so we hope to continue that comfortable against the struggling -- side. Jonny Evans -- victory in the Tapia is doubtful sack today but captain of activities is backing from training frequent -- -- Sunderland boss monster deal would have been feeling the pressure this season. But she -- 30 victory over Redding was a massive that the squad. Prediction is that you that's second to twelve games in all competitions but impressive performances against Norwich and Chelsea. That given them hype this thing headed to a -- best period. -- games against Manchester City so that -- Liverpool on the horizon the black cats will be desperate for any points to act. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Other jobs and is also a -- useful stuff at half time in that match that -- Elsewhere old -- today equal or sixty welcome Wigan Athletic -- -- right. Queens park Rangers still searching for that this witness this season that -- -- what this right. -- Stoke City best as devastating as -- returned.

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