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Current Video:Redknapp caught in storm with QPR|

Come see the FOX Soccer News crew discuss the Hoops current state.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Supposedly JVR supported Allard. For that and your boyhood club at this the perfect test for you right. Let's -- area houses and so far in your eyes I think he's done OK so far I mean he's only had a couple of games but I think he's done okay you see a little bit of change in the players. It's still early days don't get me wrong he's a great man managed by gets the best out of individual play is what I like is what I'm seeing is that your. CNN that would change ineptitude with the pleasure of seeing that they care about playing for the club -- which I didn't -- previously remark. You're seeing that dangerous can help in winning concede goals the rest in front straight with the double. I know that when you're in the premiership it's a big step up coming from the championship and when you're signing new players -- talk to -- straight. We and that's what QB I had in the summer they signed numerous amount of foreign players. Trying to come into a team until straightaway and it just in what come from Mark Hughes Harry can get this done properly do you think though there's guys in the room that don't like each other I think that might be a problem I've watched several -- PR games and junior won -- -- and Bob is the more they do not like each other they waste opportunities to share the ball it seems like there's no chemistry they don't come along for sure -- as you said I've played the game a long time. And I play with a lot of pleasant I didn't like didn't get along with back at the end that they when you step over the white line you gonna play as a team -- run like you or not we wanna go out and get the best result. For the club so. The likes of my swing got to unseat Bob. Romero you know these guys have come in for big money. Big big money so the likes of the players that came up from the championship and seeing these guys come in and earning double triple the face of what they're -- -- obviously go to there's going to be and there was animosity towards them -- -- is a lot of guys that aren't on that big money into some part in the lax again as well so. Can't fix this then this season. Well I think in the next couple of weeks if results and go on the way you gonna see Harry Houdini come out of a couple of excuses they. Should have been boy and adios a little bit too late to save him now. I still think they can be say I still think he. Can go on a good run every team in the premiership goals on them or run of 45 games if you can get that on the balance over Christmas when the new year. That ranges -- would go for Europe you know he's definitely say he's gonna set up to the -- that's the thighs pressing obviously Ellis says. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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