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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has stressed the importance of their Premier League game with West Bromwich Albion as they look to get their Premier League campaign back on track


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- to champions league knockout stage -- struggling down in tenth place in the -- -- -- it's do or -- time of snow. They meet west brom on -- today -- team that was flying high this season until defeats in the last games to split -- diet. But when it comes to how crucial -- Neifi for that -- in this thing is not mean he's. To salute very important game for us tomorrow. And of their important period as well. And but the best way to -- -- stuck his. What you do usually used to focus on defending -- -- attacking women and focus on your game and it's not team. Change is no -- -- continues. It's always the same focus on playing -- -- -- -- Bill assorted team mode to a rookie dusty yeah. Endured these teams that go from good spirits -- good to be this good spirits and Austin are not too. But you know you faced today in the Premier League -- challenge every single game. One of the plays he would be key to arsenal's tantamount it's proving tricky to pin down. The club's top scored this season -- will -- will be a free agent this summer and missed the cut to come to an agreement that his contracts. After -- ticked him off in August -- could see tonight but still when he simply striking -- -- -- -- Between noon dependent meets its order to you he knows what I want to and I used to make up his mind. I personally don't -- And not involved in not. Directly of course in -- yes. But at the moment. We have not made any progress I believe these two and -- negotiation for a long long time. And do you have not been. If nothing date in our league negotiations in. And you always try to extend the contracts. Though we already. That's also six foot from the top full -- -- be healthy now we'll complement to despite the soonest possible. One way or the other.

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