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Would Galatasaray advance to the Champions League knockout round or will it be resigned to the Europa League? Find out here.


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-- and I stand on the brink of reaching that round of sixteen for the fist time in that it is they'll wait and see about that will ultimately tonight. And I haven't got themselves into trouble at the back fit and it's a principal makes it was well. Yeah so -- the net today not. Tourists both cities. You know virginity. Well placed who dropped inside the area and it -- and it well I. They. -- is that the ethics. That's right but. They played here and statement victory. Please. It is right these guys he's not. Nice but also thought that. It's the they have out. In LA needs to get to -- -- three Eagles -- It's the right of your game. That Verdasco six. Right -- fans and they're young man's best equalize that got to -- the -- it's up to realize that goal it's still. Six -- states back tees. Yeah. We'll see it now I did you know into the area it's planet and -- I didn't feel that's. He -- it'd make it seems -- -- substitute schools. He threw to second half goes it's so it -- matches united. I need to get to see I've got to pay your illness that well that's yet to stop it tonight. They've done it -- finish. And it took -- evidence applause as the listen as I. Can attest an advocate -- celebrations.

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