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A win at home to Spartak Moscow would see the Scottish champion advance to the Round of 16.


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-- -- can't see it that way and if they mystery to campaign with a victory against NC sponsor monster claimants to put that and it's -- I think it's not. It's not that I. The but the place in the end it's sixty. Johnson into the area and being filled season just like -- -- throw. And -- -- Celtic in this -- the ultimate victory. I have guys that -- -- -- here -- cigarettes. Away from the man who played today. It's a sticky defense and Gary business goals. Celtics. -- front today's Gary maybe not with his second in the group stage. Adding to the -- he schooled. -- Yeah it's a -- I'd say it's an irate. Today of -- now. And so -- The son of -- -- -- the equalizing goal. Like the missed attempts at the open Wilson to keep notes. That's school -- the second -- to say hey let the outside. The place. And theatrical. But it's not in the end the -- Sampras and some RS the most in the end -- it is a penalty. Next season with the battle for -- development that is ticket is coming up at -- and the underside of the -- all nine minutes of time and still to me. But he cannot. -- roommate went to see them -- And still to schools made it helped me telescope with a high picks -- -- -- so they can't. Any of the full time with -- and still pick up 32 of them. And at 68.

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