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Could Newcastle put an end to a disappointing run of results when they welcome Wigan to St. James' Park? Find out here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You can't see 93 Wigan Athletic in a much needed victory back -- of -- Steve. Think their intentions clear ripe for the awful -- taking that needs maybe twenty seconds of the kickoff check CNN tonight. Right it's not for distance. See exactly -- just ask you now have seats priced. Cassel and most full games in a row with the crowd really giving -- -- this looked -- -- -- -- -- wasn't much -- -- -- you've beaten three of them asking. -- Sosa had chances in the opening five minutes of the day. Well worked free kick so Franken at the sense that -- -- find it and for the visiting team you have a good -- Jenks is not. Sentence after -- I'll save my team through its attention. Then they chances would be -- bothered me when wicket. They conceded a penalty called twelve minutes tonight but that says the next really happy see Sam made little thicker but I think in the penalty area. Like jags they'll tell -- be awarded this book -- you'll say set itself that we could sent it back. Finished ranked not if he's the old -- you beat Maria. Of the volleys and did the responsibility for this book and made that mistake from smoke the odds don't have to let the right right and got that chance of keeping them. Don't look after that what they can't say a second of the bench full bath everyday sense of shock still plan on top seed. Not that topic for a place right now he's tied for a -- goes and -- it. And that that it's up to the story Johnson beat sheets lives. Nancy. Cassell added instead killed twenty minutes for a time after an it would it was Steve I'll pick here -- -- at the -- -- it. The team and decide for puppetry of the seventh. In his first go for the -- You always remember that you Cassel stay fourteenth at the table -- They have half a five point buffer between themselves in trouble and beat quick at three --