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Afters its midweek defeat to Spurs, would Liverpool be able to rebound from its tough loss. Premier League, Liverpool, Southampton, Daniel Agger, goals, highlights, soccer, FOX Soccer


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That little oil reports were shade unlucky to lose their right game on Dayton run -- like -- and I -- Wednesday night. But -- steadily improving full was in evidence wants Morgan Southampton. Molly you at least Ricky -- that chasing his seventh -- date gold who thought the third shot in -- get. The boyhood -- pull fanned out wide with a half jobs off to just two and a half minutes tonight. Not the football with a dominant force grew out -- -- close on a number of occasions before they stole. Jon Jones CL in particular was on an update. He shot not street fifty into the inside right channel tackle the Southampton would look. But two minutes before the break that opal got the old ladies. Luis Suarez with the shots rebounding battle the little -- bomb. And when he came back instantly and Johnson it was Daniel act yet who battled -- and a had a Southampton school game on state run under threat. As I can't find the Hedrick of the roof at the Saints next. He was old -- pulled again in the second half. Posting and great tonight outstanding throw out playing a neat 12 with Suarez. Idealistic -- defender -- -- who don't practice site that night -- Southampton. That'll -- starting to as they went incentive to an adult. And right to the dice YRS old miss the game against west ham next week through suspension. Offering -- yellow carded missed another very good jobs it just wasn't his -- The finals goal that -- one Southampton now.

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