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  1. Big Ten0:43
  2. Phoenix1:07, 1:20
  3. Nazis1:35
  4. Patriots0:59

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Would QPR be able to pick up a vital three points at home to Aston Villa? Find out here. Premier League, QPR, Aston Villa, Brett Holman, Jamie Mackie, goals, highlights, soccer, FOX Soccer


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The fifteenth time -- asking please let me just 27 to. Into the season against the best tennis and I sent home makes that vote event against the phils. -- -- It's on the was pulled from the stuff -- And sniped back that Big Ten minutes it was a thinks it needs down the right hand side. Jose visit with the pulled up the floor made off with some dignity to any piece for -- was edited by -- This season the Patriots have been -- -- score in -- beat anybody. It's easy on -- so we'll get those opportunities. For the night Phoenix with the -- -- it -- Do you sense say it's been found himself and it's in the position that it's late so it's time. They seemed to fix specific -- couldn't -- the next. Phoenix hasn't school with a goal in the beginning. Need to event since the city into the extent that it may 2010. Maybe just stunted in second not in the same way. -- good defense but instead to Nazis but you can't make sense to see teams -- bloopers and don't dislike crowds that found a place at this stage. We need to find a way most inspirational -- -- the -- -- I -- Lindsay can't think hill's head held them to the club might have been an. I -- -- equals that it's been a fifteen day to bounce win at the start of the season. -- -- -- --

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