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Would West Brom get back to winning ways against Stoke City on Saturday? Find out here. Premier League, West Brom, Stoke City, goals, highlights, soccer, FOX Soccer


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The local residents because victory this could succeed on the road in the -- to be seen so we that you would -- in January. Today the few chances the rest of the -- stuff. The way of the cold and we Giants -- It's. Post. So acute one that constantly that you beat the six -- the whole foods without conceding a goal. Just been the case today and that's it. To be disappointed -- That's Johnson hooked us up a break -- the way of intolerance the problems at the end of Steven Reid's not be quickly taken throw me. Couldn't find the time you -- Five across the face of goal. It's defense pop sounds of the votes in the past couple Westbrook. It's okay -- told. That's -- good friend Michael likely. Jerusalem the stole him -- please forgive me. Almost some news -- team right now at this time it's sealed the points and us on school. It's still -- it was a consideration. -- defeats away a whole separate. Thought it was round then by the Titans fans will be able. The Eagles look anybody you put those substitutes like tech will be OT goal. Two minutes ticked -- Let's go let's go to -- for an equalizer the -- -- inside the books the children's toys and Speights did some things. It is a pit with some -- be disappointing performance from the back tees it's been -- to. It was the Middle -- and 61.

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