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Current Video:Manchester United v West Ham Premier League Highlights 11/28/12|

Catch all the action from Old Trafford as Manchester United hosts West Ham on Wednesday.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I just the United States on the Barclays Premier League up to a narrow victory at the last time. The only goal -- this closely fought match came up to 33 seconds. Wants Manchester United Stewart who's the lead guy. Look at them let's see what -- the hill but it took a nifty deflection hopefully stands today colleagues. A slice of luck for the red Devils. In the event they needed that. Producer Alex Ferguson's side who built the best in this day. The Premier League leaders enjoyed -- into the bowl. Creates an awful lot of makeup -- story opportunities. Javier Hernandez had one just before the half Belmont. It's against the -- pulled off the site to hitless and united in the match. The last time Manchester United -- -- Hudson when you -- from Mexico was eleven years ago. It was seven of the diocese Bolton Wanderers did the damage that. This occasion these homicide but -- straight to the red Devils. We've really -- aside until just before the -- who -- -- -- yet still alive and make the save. But they have -- this -- also enjoying plenty of position. But the quality of their final poll also let them down. And -- did create chances. They lack the necessary finishing touch. So -- you cannot call it their best shots with seven and a half minutes acted normal time and does then that god make the safe the united. Look at the money it was ruled offside. On the rebound. Was that threw everything they have hosted a desperate attempt to claim an equalizer but it wouldn't come. My -- make room for himself late -- couldn't hit the target. Just united would not the best in this one but that set up now delight to collect old three points and -- put. Finished Manchester United one. Less than the united --

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