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Harry Redknapp takes charge of his first game for QPR and Aston Villa hosts Reading in a battle for survival.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The football comes thick and fast in the book please let me and he. Cruelty Scotts fifty guides on Tuesday best at such good thanks weeks' time ranges. The black cats were humbled and huddled Saturday when. I like west -- it to -- It excites him what his books in front of their way back this season after his bouncing off. Over the field he's. Rivers told his departure will be lost but -- irishman as a result plus -- He's let you know the biggest thing after holding it out the -- it's the fact he's got behind. This will be the best matchup is Harry Redknapp here the Q yeah. Did you watch from the stands tell traffic averages more than match Manchester United -- But that would have been impressed by their attended JB -- Outside there. If wells does that may have friends who were -- balls. Well another. Tuesday's second game -- it's -- a high. I'm ready guys. After that -- it Manchester City gonna look. But she's very good right now. Cover -- the game at the end they had the site reports but possible that could really did something they'll throw. Won't flawless holes out with a -- injury that we Baghdad doubt that. Defensive -- big on the grounds Barrett behind looks like. Freddie followed up at best victory back in itself right with a demoralizing defeat it we get a sack today. Yeah we have also got right of the debit side back. Had a veteran Q. You go without it. Shoulder injury. It's giving my bag is accurate today.

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