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Current Video:Moura aiming to emulate idols at PSG|

Lucas Moura is hoping to emulate idols like Zinedine Zidane when he makes his move to Ligue 1 big spenders PSG.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Did today is it down little messy. That's it when the kid -- more on analyzes. With his move to Paris nice amount from south how -- you sensitive completing January Brazilian full blown saves to emulate the success all of -- here race. Zinedine sit down with my -- that I know he's been a Pokemon for Brazil and World Cup's. But he was one of the best players I've seen. I have always enjoyed watching skillful players and such is thirteen yards in about a messy innocent I'm gonna Albania. Those guys had a fantastic cuts I studied them a lot -- sort of tried to emulate some of them leaves off and copy some of best skills. -- was -- been told to Manchester United. That resulted for the French club after agreeing a 35 million your ideal -- South College join the European all season. Well what -- I am leaving Brazil for a great opportunity rolled off at Samie Parker curry son Jemima. A football and needs to -- moments like these you never know what tomorrow is going to bring. Being. I have goes to achieving Garrett PST -- clubs. They made a proposal that was good to me on to Sao Paulo especially because it allowed me to stay till the end of the Brazilian -- and ready to -- in January. There are lots of Brazilian plays a PST eight on the clubhouse an excellent project. These practice helps me reach my decision lot of publicity. You know Clemens hasn't. I -- tricky wind got a -- -- nineteen goals in his three seasons that's now Tyler had some of his own skills pulled Brazil and helping them to the final of the 2012 Olympic Games. Would create a generic -- the next Olympics and the 2014. World Cup glory describes Waltz played for Brazil in front of the home crowd would -- him. It means a lot of Brazilian footballers that the next World Cup and we played in -- country's well being part of the team in that tournament. This something nothing calls every day. We grew up watching these games untallied and now there's a chance to -- he played for Brazil and a World Cup. It's getting close I actually set. You have to pray every day -- -- a place in the slowed him Boynton hobbled by Potts being part of the team. And how -- quest for six title would have privacy acts that we could do it so hard and -- and friends about sports is. That's a chance I like talking like a practical. But in the meantime his focus must remain in Sao Paulo on the upcoming semifinal of the -- it Americana in university that Metallica.