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Current Video:Redknapp issues warning to QPR players|

New Rangers manager Harry Redknapp admits he will drop any player not showing the effort to get out of the relegation zone.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Harry Redknapp has won his KP op play is that we drops if they don't pull let weights Redknapp has described keeping QP -- the toughest challenge of his career. His best guy in charge isn't Sunderland tomorrow night's. Actually ground of meeting the media posing for pictures and finalizing his first first eleven. The pressure's on but Harry can -- as long as the capitals -- -- it from a couple. Which -- play -- China we read maps couple -- -- depends on how hard they're prepared to work to get the -- off the books that. When they knew doable chasing Toledo music school we didn't playground he chased off it would be lifting you weren't you thought about. That's what made -- need to compete with the ability to pull a fade and if they get that effort -- we've -- a chance of -- if they don't. Get up and if site is -- -- -- -- funny revenue will run of that and we'll look you know go to Toronto people lose uniformed trying to arms up and he'll spend your mammograms if -- player who is Harry's cover of take is David Beckham picks is leaving LA and has been in touch. A bit and of these sections idea Benoit you know -- -- he is not a -- and still come just you know we should do the best year but Sarah. He's you know he's a top professional but I've never disgusted if you're supposed to but it can come in Armenia he'd. Not to repeat that in many -- woke -- would be. -- be a great influence on the team on the club he's such and such a great program that's what -- man as well. -- says they'll be no big spending this January but that hasn't stopped speculation about a player you know as well who always joined PPL. In the summer like who's. Tough guy a guy captain of the talk from Houston to decide to transfer window and -- for the speculation -- -- these countries and it's not a -- -- actual. Redknapp spoke about how they'll too -- we -- sold he's amendment about the onus fell fantastic people and noise people. I'm about his commitment to the Colts QB are my -- there will Greinke who getting QB okay this week. You know it's easier to ABC's dancing evil plan mussina will you always -- he sees these detained Romania. Sounds like that's a strong partnership brewing yeah exactly you're -- -- -- drinks all -- carries rain starts with a win at Sunderland.

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