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Current Video:Everton v Norwich City Premier League Highlights 11/24/12|

Could Norwich extend its unbeaten run to six games after its visit to Everton on Saturday? Find out here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Habits and we're looking to bounce back from defeat to reading last week headed to the richest five -- to -- streak. And for a long time it looked like the -- was on the road with and it continued. It gets it would like this campaign they -- a long time to set of that could listen. Paying the price went Bryant Oviedo. Sets up Stephen A Smith the final over the twelfth minute it was a mistake but we Tikka. The -- -- -- -- of the game -- pounced on getting into the area and swearing at the makes. Who brought hope went closest for Norwich in the first penalties -- on its -- post. Three defenders only to -- -- the shot wide of the post an aggressive run from the jump -- nine. He was off balance for the final shots which failed to trouble tin helmet. And it's and looks to contend with their late in the second half and knowing each were encouraged to push forward. -- student dropped into you aboard phillips' role he set up holds here who unselfishly plated Roberts looked gross is that he speaks and -- with the most likely get. -- -- to play. I think it's -- -- Leighton Baines had a life became -- it's and he could have sealed victory here. England fullback showed great ability and confidence to say its policy tackles. Mostly known each area. You -- the bullets missed that floats in the -- was -- targets. It has been it's fine it's not safe. Abilities -- writing. And how important that safe route to date because as the clock ticked it to sign Eddie don't. Sebastien fassel had a gave -- reach a point. The free kick was from happy they can read I swung in towards the back bugs didn't have a didn't know whether -- -- -- -- -- In the end he stayed on his line and he was beaten by bass on setup habits and one ability to well.

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