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Current Video:Clattenburg cleared, Mikel charged|

Referee Mark Clattenburg has been cleared of racism claims while Chelsea's John Obi Mikel is charged with misconduct.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

EFA will not take any action against referee Marc -- about. I've allegations he racially abused Chelsea midfielder John I've -- a cat instead of his account and has been charged assassinated prime Swanson. Eyes it was in the -- pride festival. We now and hope for the first time walk Luxembourg is alleged to have sat. Yes absolutely the details that all of the allegation of largest come to -- say -- not football association statement signed that wall's alleged that it's. One of the following revealed -- the right cards issued during the second top of the game at some points and not much. At Ramirez herald mark clots in both the referees say to jolt -- -- -- shuts -- you Monty. Told opening hell did not hear the alleged comment this is the first time we have -- confirmation. Not snowballs and allegation all of that some sort of racial. Language used allegedly by the referee towards the players of the football association. Then sent to votes investigates in this looking into it gathering information to try and establish exactly -- so walls and say it. Talk about that the -- definitely -- how they now come back to this decision to that. What if they have gold suit details -- exactly how they've reached this decision they say that obviously having received the initial complaint from Chelsea. They then had to choose -- to go and speak to those key people involved in this process they say that they -- And other witness statements from Chelsea players at the house for full disclosure from Chelsea the interview premier -- the interviewed children Raquel. And using it much footage obtained by the football association they say that they that executes. At the four officials about small costs about the two assistant referees. I'm the fourth. Official they say that said the then were provided with brother footage of Chelsea. They say they then re interviewed Ramirez to go -- to show previously unseen footage provided by the club. At this stage they say for the first time the exact points at which the alleged Coleman was maids -- had been established and so they then went about trying to establish whether -- it was a case. But as far as the football association -- sirens that went to an independence QC got an independent lawyer to look out this case to the slate. Whether or no to challenge mark clots and Bert in his case and their view there was no case to and so. The key points being made by the FA in this statements is that -- attitude simply being a genuine mistake it won't say and tonic possible for a witness in this case Ramirez to have made a genuine mistakes and that he acted in good faith. I'm for the ball with a triple associations say is that the player. On the club Chelsea won't correct it reports in the -- -- to be afraid of course appropriate I'm probe focused on allegations -- -- thoroughly investigated disappointed people tonight will be saying. Why Chelsea make this place without seemingly any form. -- hard evidence to support the accusation. Chelsea have always maintains that they had no choice spots to pursue the claims of an employee in this case -- children decal on Ramirez who I believe that he had a good the phrase used. At the -- saying that's it is quite possible with a genuine mistake has been made here. So instead it is Chelsea's -- I'd be Mckelvin spacing action now that was seating -- with Bryant. Dickerson had children Raquel has been challenged that on the football association for what they say an alleged breach of -- rule. And relations -- -- gave its alleged dots in general I'm the much officials changing room. At the end of the fixture -- use threatening. -- -- abusive -- -- insulting words I handle behaviors of us to see his column dots is not being -- into question. They clearly believe that they have sufficient grounds to -- this case that's why they charged. Joan over the cal but there are saying that his mother his behavior his alleged abusive around or insulting words towards mark clots in Burke. Didn't feel the need that the FB feeling to charge him for the -- children Raquel clearly. Very upset it's often not game that we now know piecing together all the evidence has been -- before Ross in the statements. But he had to claim made -- Ramirez after the much that this was fought was allegedly say it's. Mean callous seems to reacting to not -- was prompted this charge but the football association being very clear tonight's that they didn't feel there was any drugs to pursue the any product. And it's a few weeks -- treatment costs about himself. How he reacted to that sentence today. Will mark possible accounts given that a statement such a short time ago saying that the last few weeks have been the most stressful. All of his life saying that he's genuinely grateful for the support of us calmly. For his select group colleagues the management of the PGA handled us the group in charge of referees. And says that the messages of encouragement. From those inside and outside of the game have helped. He threw the most stressful time in my life he -- to know you -- innocent of something. But that was the opportunity for us to read your career was truly frightening. -- a book says that racism has no place in football. This experience should know discourage -- to speak dollars if they genuinely believe that they have been the victim of abuse he said -- that all process is for this to be adhered to. He says that I know first times the ramifications of the allegations. That being placed into the public domain ahead of a formal process an investigation. I hope no referee has to go through this in futures -- Marc -- about. Clearly an overwhelming sense of relief from him that this is not over and over and he's not going to face further action but making the ball it's -- in doubt that he didn't believe that they should all looking for science in the public domain prior to a formal investigation.

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