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There was never a dull moment as Porto hosted Dinamo Zagreb. Catch all the action here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- straight to the round of sixteen Nancy Wilson set about trying to incidents -- -- great day. -- had to -- taking you know they saw fit. Then on defense. -- it -- the people make it Sunday. His speed at this go on the great state -- legs and it -- Since I don't ultimate victory that out of late in the pool of this -- and the -- So it -- -- if there to -- It. No look pass to -- at that I expected. Today but so is the eighth inning go. Yet. And nine cents a it's what have succeeded beats it by Kelton -- -- is of the night. It here right. Think having place. If it is -- ask questions at this FC pulls a defense. Snead into the books splits it's late and it was well. It's down to make it -- And -- Guess the -- Yet. You know they've -- all of its not ready it's right to make the -- panel. And so you know NC we'll -- it had -- looks at 150. Victory UEFA cup competition. -- Defeated team and it only some athletes not sixth. And it's still best job there and that he gets his second -- at the great stage. Conceivable today heading to -- that they -- Seagram may still have -- great day. One day today it's been it is not this campaign committee nominates not --

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