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What kind of an impact would Ezequiel Lavezzi have on Wednesday's encounter with Dynamo Kiev?


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-- -- -- And see you know they give -- a chance to win against second placed Harrison to -- seat anybody -- -- -- in the count states. Yeah. It's not against the proceeded -- -- to state -- led. And it is just one night. -- -- place. An opportunity but it's it's it's. And it's posted its infancy and again. It's over the -- well. That's the best qualities that it is happy to see guys that isn't really good opportunity. -- -- said. In -- advocates say the quality. He teed it makes -- city Rabinowitz. Snippet of Tug at saint Clement -- -- from the penalty spot with the excitement -- state look. Would take to make an incentive. That day. It's that Nelson exhibit six. And that's an ACC even -- It's a little bit safe and guide to the strength of the outside today. That would say. -- -- -- finish into the folklore that. The -- still in -- than any day. Then hit the second half they say second goal of the parents acted and and it's -- -- second today. And then. Cancer -- -- -- the bat plus tilts -- -- Did today. Lately and it's and it's -- you need to -- days. Did -- not make it from an album that it's it's not there it's an offensive Alex. Wins opponents. That -- that you know in his last two outs there as a full time whistle. And sentimental for me to that I can't state.

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