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Find out who picked up the three points as Benfica and Celtic battled it out for second place in Group G.


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So to get sick it just will -- away from securing their place in the knockout stage they face an SL Benfica side beat the good level with him in street team with victory. Fan tipping it and control. Six months full -- it's getting thrust into the. It's only children and it's got that fixed up and speak up. Seven minutes -- it. And -- right side I mean fronts. Seasons with the finalists we go up there and it's that we tonight's. Well. It with the thought that sticks out acts and it looked good. The centerpiece did -- some -- school's -- -- -- many aside in the great stage. Sam grass on the school OC to get. Yeah it's good running behind the Celtic defense there and principles that was being said. Did the lyrics of the ninth and the -- to keep -- doubts. Crooks in that area it's headed on into the club and a -- and I Delray. It's a military schools he spent most of the -- UEFA cup competition. Would -- scientists glorious. -- -- edited all of completely amount tentative. It's out the full stat. -- -- -- -- -- We lost nineteen of their previous twenty away matches that bowl victory and sponsor most -- and heavier and the great. On the fact that ticket as that three game. You will say -- step. They that it crossed up. The final status of the game now. Anyway thanks for Celtic. The -- will go down to the final day.

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