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Current Video:Spartak Moscow v Barcelona UEFA Champions League Highlights 11/20/12|

Could Spartak Moscow hand Barcelona its second consecutive loss in the Champions League? Catch all the action from the Luzhniki stadium.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's it's not limited to bounce back in the offense to fit in nineteen UEFA champions. Group stage matches last time out to -- -- -- city. He helps it'll say -- trust not. And it's not an excuse ponson must not. Needing to win -- the same intensity Johnson of the knockout stage should say that the group. It's silly to me means. -- listen to need you to the area so this. -- -- -- -- You know this story. -- Mikell thought they had the edge of the area. Just the stuff they need it. -- -- -- attendance it's safe from the weekend that may have sealed the rebounds and 86 days. Didn't catch it and make. When you're in this kind of -- Neifi take seems to fully -- way. Well it looks and then on sixteen teams -- best shot. That's not the team wins as well he's played three night that it -- easy this second round pick guilty. The Eagles the full -- tonight. An alternate. Nazis she is the whole. In the game as split -- well. Yes. -- bouncing against this today. He can't principle still -- in his second -- -- them let them. -- out there and save at a place in the knockout stage because it to spend the Whitney three they'll.

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