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Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers insists Luis Suarez will not leave the club.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And what just today react to the stories thinking much the city but we Suarez by assisting his strikeout is not fissile at any price. He's their top scorer that only recognized experienced striker. And reportedly a fifty million pound target for Manchester City in John erased. But Liverpool on to open to offers for Luis Suarez. We know but movies and stay -- lose already showed in the summer his commitment to the club sending you to England. I think you've seen no reopen till nine at this point he's. Eason and a great moment and he's he's favourite -- of a police. -- -- -- -- I'll talk it to a Liverpool a point at Chelsea Suarez scored eight of the hopefuls -- Premier League goals this season. We go through them you know strengths. So I just had to -- -- -- -- -- Certainly not someone that we year. We want to excel or remove him be brilliant player to what was in that we want to go to school -- -- time. Don't take people into -- especially a world class player. The emergence of Liverpool's latest England international is another example of that building for the future. You can take statements in this is consistent and music and. We've played in the game of and definitely because of the first -- will shall proclaim these possible continue to evoke some. So he's done very well but to easily don't improve. Frames through playing games of this cloven. And those who plan for the national team. Brendan Rodgers will have Pepe Reina and Jon Joseph -- be available to face Wigan this weekend while Lucas is back in training. And should be ready for a first team return in the next two weeks video caught us gospel it's.

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