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Current Video:Herbert: FA 'institutionally racist'|

Society of Black Lawyers chairman Peter Herbert accuses the English Football Association of being institutionally racist. Find out what he said.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- these the signs you've got Willis has accused the football association. Of institutional. Racism. They haven't told sky sports news cities complains the minister sport about the essay. He says the English game's governing body -- reports race -- eight allegations. You will note that there are many -- -- football where these muscles are not reports that they go under the radar. I'm there is an in a sense a lot of pressure on players not to come full what they're supposed to take it get on with a game and ignore it. Are you suggesting that the FA as an organization as racist. Institutionally racist of course that is. I mean they haven't learned they don't even -- what the Stephen -- inquire recommendations -- about how to record erased an incidence. Whether the victim and the other person believes it is you will not find that on the FA website. What and any of the trading givens -- referees managers coaches -- players it is and let it should be you are accusing the football association being institutionally racist. I'm sure want us that this has to be a surprise me if this data rates you know if it is situation fails to -- fourteen years I have to. The McPherson. Report's recommendations. And how has a history of underreporting. Race right. What would you call it we would -- institution erases the football association though for shooting case against Jones -- that went to court federal evidence was used by the metropolitan police. So they are doing something about what you've repeated the same carries about three times you know Etzioni -- the highest profile case there's only case you've got. The 104 cases. Of racial abuse on the pitch the thousands of cases that -- -- every other weekend on the -- is an off they do not deal with. And that we know we're talking about one swallow does not make a somewhat. As far as that they -- John Terry is concerned the penalty says -- don't -- much found it much foreign. It's pathetic and even football fund the storms as a football firearms. And emails we've tried know that that was the -- it was a slap on the wrist the FA and got it's head buried deeply in the sound it takes its head out now and again to prosecute somebody whether it's enormous. Public scrutiny and if you look at the John -- -- that have no choice. That was inevitable because of the public the glare of publicity on the England captain they have no choice if they could have done I'm sure they wouldn't -- Also the evidence that would go to bako -- -- While the evidence about a report saying as I said we've already said a hundred full cases lust yeah that's it. Now we know in the last week there's been several in it in the space of a couple of weeks no voter FC. Have had a history of race related incidents which have been seen. Reported to the county -- and other clubs black clubs opened on the country experiences it goes under reported. If we -- -- well let's have an older it's. Let's have an order department erase an instance there really up in football my guess is they will far out -- the paltry few that have modest to get through the FAs -- If you feel the FAA's institutionally racist. What have you done about it. We've -- -- the minister's full. And we've just releasing. We are in discussions with a -- black police association the London blah please association. And others in a sense whose job it is to address this is a racism. We've also are written a paper which will be discussing in due course with a number of international bodies -- we will. Bringing a spotlight. To the way in which the football authorities deal with anti racism in this country -- have complained to the government's stance about its. The FA absolutely yes how do you have a response from them we've -- the last sort of few days ago and we expect to cover response -- a meeting with the minister of sports in due course. We'll let -- not cheap news reports I hit conducted that's huge hit when it's in the studio up -- What has the FA had to say tonight in response to be to have its strong allegations. -- recruits every one of pizza however its allegations to the football association and they responded in a statement sent. Introducing our chairman David -- saying that these bill informed on on the helpful remarks are I think all of us with the progressive I'm responsible approach -- full loads. By the game with a supportive government to deal with these serious issues. The statement from David -- goes on to save the football association will continue working to strengthen. Process is to eradicate all forms of discrimination. In football good football association doesn't disputes. At the -- made buckets or however that that well are a 104 Casey's old at racial abuse brought to their attention and all the pitch across that the English game last year and they didn't set once or Gordon specifically with regards to the allegations that concerning at less Nevada. At FC puts the football association making their position clear tonight's. They believe that the Coleman's their pockets are covered here on sky sports news are bill informed on on helpful.

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