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Current Video:Ibrahimovic says Gerrard should leave Liverpool|

England captain Steven Gerrard prepares to join the Three Lions' 100-cap club against Sweden on Wednesday. Find out why Zlatan Ibrahimovic says Gerrard should leave Liverpool.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- As well he's a hundred England's camp there's been plenty of race will be -- he yells yeah -- asked to sign out Stockholm. It definitely sweet it. Most of the acted like she pulled it didn't skid that has come from back home. But he's also been singled out by his opposite number with the Swedish national site so -- -- even at age. Seeing him enjoys a fantastic player here has been no loyalties club. He has won some big trophies with the club and a Lewis. -- and -- level who and is not the injured of course and I think each summary. Very good teammate Tony junior team meal was you snuck under 200000. And a reason to try to -- -- has good skills but also -- -- treatable and feels more like international lived in London and I. Normally he needs. While even admitted she is -- a lot -- his commitment having played in a city Spain and France -- -- has remained loyal to Liverpool. That'd be kind of sad to Matt Foley says the midfielder has the ability to play anyway if the world's. Retirement played against teams and it's really did a good coach Joseph Louis is true to be careful we don't play -- London because. He's a player that makes a difference so. But don't like to see -- in an. Of course Liverpool is a big club but you know being international club. -- like to see also for England because. Very exciting when somebody goes abroad and it shows who is also in another competition because. For me -- fantasy play can make the difference in in every country where every player is but I'm pretty shrewd team and we will do deposed. And now he's playing one of the best leagues in the in the world so. And this for a. Even candidates will be looking to make sure channeled it doesn't get so waned as part of his since he -- that. As they look to avenge that 32 defeat at the hands all the wins in this summer's European championships.

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