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Javier Hernandez is named this week's Player of the Week after his heroics away to Aston Villa.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This week's player of the week I only needed 45 minutes on the page two -- the accolades. A stunning second half performance from Manchester United -- happy I have and as. Help that he made his tendency Gil deficit into a three team victory against aspect at a Fernandez came off the bench Ashley young at the bright. I'm -- that I had gone to get a -- -- -- after half time and executed swiftly -- about that in the game and had. After -- -- knee just before the Allah and I'm facility shock effect you know -- the opportunity. He wasn't -- stat that. Three minutes from time and I'm says it showed his team left with the points when he had to be dropping back -- brigade. And -- known -- -- -- tech now has seven goals in his last five games. I'm this is false erratic but it's after the match he's picked himself be united extend at Norwich next Saturday -- Have you had and that's our players week.

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