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What kind of an impact would Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini have on Saturday's clash at Goodison Park? Find out here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Without it and I feel guaranteed excitement in this when he gets -- to the -- remembrance we came. Continued the recent tradition. The black cats at school just won gold in their last five matches -- of the blood that. They did start well with Stefan assists and he always had a wonderful channels to -- his first goal in 21 games but Tim Howard. Got down to -- Recent stats don't play the Sunderland the -- No waiting twelve away at the top -- just won't -- and seventy overrule. And hopefully -- it ever -- it at fits for distance in the first half though the pick of the two captains filled middle. Insignia. Is -- quite simple tonight. Sunderland were able to set up right in those stuff stoppages and -- ever to mocking. The cool would it not been -- properly -- this package that Adam chilled since his sweet old. For instance this -- listen to it and it's been since April and he was wearing the light blue Manchester City. That was of the woods still. Just shy of nine hours of football. But it struggle to created I think they cut to the second hole but then it base Maryland for violating. With a quarter of an attitude of hitting the blues answered today became the score of the race suite tickets for the that they do with a crisp -- cities is sick Fred nearly killed the season it -- in moments. He was touching the bull through delicately that you can sit get a pitch to make some blood. It was a stunning Ted around. Sunderland didn't deserve it at -- him having conceded the first donated to their previous format she's had not lost any of them. Did it again being at this time holding on to win titles though it -- suit Sunderland one.

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