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FOX Soccer sits down with Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Find out what he has to say about this year's Champions League competition and the new Red Devils' partnership of Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what to miss by not watching fox soccer news last night. Last year was disastrous for -- that. Red Devils bowed out of the champions league in the group stage they lost the league title a on the final day of the season and they failed to win any silverware while there's new optimism and Old Trafford this year recently sir Alex Ferguson. Spoke about some legendary performances which teams he thinks are the best of all time and what I want is on television. I think that in terms of us who have called we should have won more. And I wanted to win them again. And try to get ourselves into a black coat when I was like whoever to a biggest titles. By and nick and I acts. I think he's you know on an ailment that does. But go themselves look great separated from the rest of the -- two point at 45 and three times you know. So laughing does does that -- Guys got a -- has that champions league brought you will play show frustration. The quotation about both of those two we appreciate him I think in the yeah. The opportunities that -- and I get more than moves on you know. I think back to games like him. Dominant particularly this. Travesty here it was a chavis' don't get through that same. And they're good given on two B Juventus in the final in Munich. But you know he can be easy you know I think it's -- McKee you're in terms of went into your pin. Champions league trophies and -- -- -- much as they can get us into his shooting achieving an important. Must have -- focus for a champions league game you spoke openly about your frustrations of of last season do you feel a lot more comfortable with the way you -- the season in the direction you're going in. Well you know we've Medicaid. But Colin all of last year because. Well the last few years -- -- today the group stages. An opportunity for younger players bigger because last season. Did what that -- the same way in saying that we were OK it was also. But tell that you -- -- move -- to qualify. And so far out of Donald drove well. This here you brought in Robin van has seen how much minutes to read -- -- didn't. From lessons -- what they will grow up -- it became a true team and they computers can years and that you know do stuff themselves -- have to arrive. We'll put who goes for five years. Because so far he's been out some fantastic. His movement is to -- win. And you tangle. The so that we can get to nine in the house now it's impressive is that and then right there in the position -- both offensively and -- I've been up front -- it Zemin. Attacking their way it -- and dropping in behind and solace in midfield role -- was -- they can do the job with them. Let them force over that your your options and I'm actually completed two of her polo and we've had a very seldom do that. Outside these -- who the favorites you think this is competition as we sit at the moment and relatives. Plus when you kind of lose to. -- still things teams who do well. And of course depends -- -- Me I think the gem. Better. I think despite says that and hopefully we have one of them and from England now finally now know. You don't -- take -- -- about an -- -- would not have to do that with -- two things that will tell us did what do you do. I know you love the host it's what would you do to switch off Wimbledon this would go on Saturday night. But I don't get a sub and they for a slugfest sometimes -- -- -- -- they've -- -- -- whom -- blossom lane and what Satele. Outset what would be your favorite thing if it had a choice of loyalty very what's in particular you know strictly finite. No huddle that's nonsense. I'm so -- to know engines. Not to empire. Much of the day. Well my most games on television his finest game view -- that something that I. Satisfies me completely. And just a fun thing what keeps you striving to achieve what you're trying to achieve with Manchester United well I think that time. I've been blessed is managing normal life nothing look at that we. And there's little else could then be revenge -- to counter that. The drive that an expectation mind just tonight and I think that's important. So plan. Oh come on. Make sure you watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific. -- --

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