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Current Video:CONCACAF Hex draw|

Final draw is set for the 2014 World Cup. See US Men's National Team coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, give his opinion.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Are staying in North America Canada of course is officially at least six years away now from return to the World Cup while their neighbors to this out. Or one of six teams left in CONCACAF qualifying the draw has been released for what is called the taxi home and home with each of the other. Five teams after sixteen months of competition. The final stage a World Cup qualifying is set when it's been done three in his nations will receive automatic entry into Rio 2000. Fourteen marquee matchups include Mexico vs the US -- -- 46 and September 10 when Mexico travels through the United States here now he's the whole. My schedule will pick it off. February 6 taking on on terrorism played two games in four days and take on Costa Rica and then. Next we'll look at the final five matches US will play host of Mexico September 10 in the round of the schedule against Panama. -- favorite team fox soccer and Sports -- -- grab the ball is in Miami and he checks in with much more on defense. Thanks guys -- -- got a tough road in the drop of the CONCACAF World Cup qualifying -- -- for next year the US will start at Honduras on February 6. One of three of its first four games on the road they're the only country in CONCACAF. They'll have to do that in that -- US coach Juergen Klinsmann try to put a positive face on what surely be a difficult challenge. Well if you get the results on the road obviously you know Gilbert fumble confidence in knowing your home games and finish it off so it's fine with me you know you take it that way. So we just got to be really shopping focus in us and get the job done on the road in difficult environments which we all know but that's what and region is about. Are you happy with it going and who beat him. Coming -- he can always kind of -- -- some dates around doesn't countries around but overall you know fine. How excited are you going to be good and we're vehemently -- no we have decided that we saw that process now because obviously -- waited fought it off so now we can time. Through 2015 you know very busy schedule obviously that. Look -- qualify as an open allies did and it was -- in youth soccer and also with the gold cup. So now we can thank finally indicated -- locations and thought about what it is. Oh yeah on a milk. Not in the next couple of days since June I don't know particulates. The United States is a different. Well I don't know favorite I mean obviously you know -- If you look at the history 567 World Cup's in Mexico. The US always been through you know -- other countries unto us the last one it was a -- it was and 2006 and they have very good teams you know Jamaica's knocking at the door and itemized and really well in their first round so. Yeah everybody has a chance all the games of this due to him to play and have really looking forward to it now finally be at the schedule lined up. It's going to be exciting. If there's one saving grace for the US it would get to play three of its final four games at. Home -- given the US is disparity in home and away form this qualifying campaign could go down to the wire. That's it from here in Miami Beach but sent it back to the gang in Toronto. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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