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After Celtic's fine showing at Camp Nou on match day three, would the hoops provide Barcelona with the same stiff opposition at Celtic Park? Find out here.


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Sell tickets CF by putting statistically to -- isn't seatbelt on and I thought there was little between the sides until -- was -- wind up. And camp -- two weeks ago I. And -- woods -- -- oblivious to the penalty area but it's high into the cross left and you know -- NC. -- standards and be -- that would. Okay. Detectives to indicate. That little bump my sweat it out loud what. So it's not -- name -- and they raise the rate at Celtic well. It's made -- policies of the into the area. And yes and -- hit the cross. -- -- -- -- Himself that that will he may well have got to figure to it -- it's as well. Ovitz. The crux of the guy that and this time it hits the place it's. Meant six cents this. -- haven't played Cincinnati equalize. It's not. That's enough to get to the area and a wonderful look -- it safe and polls that he'd have missed it dead. Singlehandedly kept the that they -- they took an accident that it is well. Ortiz looked all of its well. And it's not every detail but that's the -- -- champions league at BA. You make them -- they said let's get to the -- game up and messier ends up its side. Loves the deficits. It's going to be and then this but not now. The bulletins and take the full time -- And there it is it's a -- has not been ill and it.

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