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Current Video:UEFA Champions League: Matchday 4 Preview|

Find out how Bobby McMahon and the FOX Soccer News crew talk about this week's UEFA Champions League games.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- has but not watching fox soccer news last night until about. That's maybe for the time really to -- the Saturday night. It's too. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wow. What a full life. -- to talk about Tuesday's champions league action here is bionic men are men in Winnipeg and Bobby let's start with. Really the biggest game in the -- you look at city taking on tax city -- a must win situation. They've got no one to blame but themselves. Yet really is a must win situation but wanted to say -- -- to Monty told -- and C east Johnson's. But they big blue and in this group they -- to win the good -- damn flashy as a very talkative begins to shift. Thought offensively down the right place against the but I do believe it from Boston teams really went up. I got say in my -- being delayed they have multiple nobody chances. I got beat and he won the duel in game I think it was a low but definitely as much as -- don't -- really dominated them and I've played them and say you want to get through with it with the -- that. The game's only one point city should done bit -- and so. If if you go -- point fingers -- should be point break bucket might just say he just knew because they really should be doing what they have in the done. I think we're all guilty of just dismissing -- -- so much for the -- champions being a non factor. While not to be one when I think -- unexpected space left that I got to think about the beaten from them that the could sleep well my -- -- Lost a legal -- let those people perceive to look into it. I got to go like Giants but it's not much better Johnson -- to see when you look at a good point to the last few games away from home. Even if the one of these games you've got to get some help from other teams but the end result of good people that we as well but sadly admitting what -- really -- of a -- I had two months is to say. -- but who's going to represent this group and you hopefully. Jack you make really good points round Madrid and Norman of course in the drivers are you surprised that's the point we're in a match therefore. Well Donovan seemed tell limbs from that experience last year they didn't publicly champions league can do Tebucky Jones -- got -- -- The decision of when the -- -- -- really as much as they struggle but. If I had pretty good against -- that is a very big game against Israel but they did it was a bad -- that's not going to be important -- hospital. -- we -- anything at this people who inseparable nicely the last couple of games that. And the more -- these two teams -- really seemed to be in control this group and really yet and -- tee today and if and when it. -- -- -- How surprised are you would -- because I mean it really looks like they've switched their focus last year of course they were still. Concerned with the league and they defended their title back home again to do so I'm intensely now it seems that things this what's the other way. While you look at a double double -- dead by communicating gang green stopped an eleven point bind by Munich topped only ten games. Only do on Sunday and nothing nothing against Duke got the -- pointing game. I would buy and Munich takes standout leads in just one -- but I -- -- -- really focused on maybe just finish and not full the full four full forcefully than. The Bundesliga chancellor John Beasley can put out and move -- -- -- and that John measly twelve foot this year and see thinking would deepen the competition. Let's finish up with -- Arsenal and -- to them as this series now switching. This -- Arsenal are there on pace for another derby finish to the group stage they're making this their theme. I wouldn't be the first thing because this is that as an above apartment for Marshall with a -- a couple of good result steadily on. And if I knew -- -- in this in the middle and then hope to scramble to qualify in the game. And not result again -- -- and then might be feeling the loss to and the -- seven set them by. But it wasn't just loves the fine detail of the I could drop the fittingly win against one failure of that game to finish in his -- Then the loss to show before -- wouldn't have been that. And it is so difficult for optional but no hostile shaping up good to the last the games away from home. And it's quite possible in me up to go olympiakos and come with the result in order to qualify so. I actually gained digging themselves a little -- hole so it would be very important thing gap a couple of got point at least come away from shall Cohen that. On March before. And we'll get to see are some -- full length bubble Jack and Zach gonna touch slime ball they always a pleasure was -- against him yet. I thought -- Welcome back to the show last day for in the champions league set to be great want to know what that means match before. We get this the other reverse fixture is always are a couple of weeks ago let's have a look at the champions league standings. We begin with group today. -- -- On -- perfect through three matches they had nine points while big spending front side PSG. Sitting in second with six because of that loss to the Portuguese -- he had in third with three points -- that. They got enough. Let's talk about group -- them and you look at these two -- so for example really running away with things what do you make things. Now these reverse pictures when he made a match. Edison is a real. Managers time right now it's you studied tape from the first match and now you make adjustments are going into the second the second leg of a tie. An important game -- 32 winners and that went who knows what it cracking game actually they took two leads. And -- it was answered. Fight yet but they could not answer TF could not -- in the seventy admitted. Jackson Martinez back the winner was a cracking game and I expect a high score game again this game is easy just because. On both respective sides support -- and for yet they're big boys stood up. -- the job for a and Martina score for -- so. Yemeni Colin Braun for -- those was gonna be yes to step up again I kind of expect another high scoring game predicting another firecracker like -- out of BST have gotten in the Zagreb. They can't take the courses for -- and had no chance no chance if you see it coming off their first defeat on the weekend. And it. With the whole debacle with. With the opening game of its mutant ninja love min. In the -- and I think it's really a good sign. To get back into the mix for EST you know it's their first defeat at home this season. It's a it's a perfect you don't wanna sit on that you want that extra five to seven with your team you wanna get back on the field dust off. Polish up what whatever went wrong on the weekend. And put it right come -- is the time so you know some might wonder should they take a bit of time off is this a good you know maybe you were should see it no I think you throw back in the fire get his mind back on football. They have on other -- on that team and you know not on the pay scale of zero public financing excellent coach really you know put right back in the -- but got a getting -- let's have a look. At the other groups group beef. Involving Arsenal. Felt on top of seven points Arsenal just one back though we discussed that match. Further with a volley olympiakos sitting third with a three point Samarco yanked in the cellar with -- only one point three games. Olympiakos from affiliate -- the real story. -- a -- story lines here and I mean more probably to have its a must win or there at their throughout the competition. But for olympiakos managers said he set a goal. At the very least they want to qualify if you don't believe so finishing third physical for the of course it's its dream to continue wanted sends me. But just to finish third. And and there are -- good position for the right now going forward. Did it force against this match tomorrow -- for me. They're a little bit overmatched they've got some injury issues coming in and I don't know if they got enough in the Arsenal to pull the soft -- and I think olympiakos comes through this once. Does that last Olivia is through to Arsenal could of his life that we look at group -- that. Currency with some interest in store lines through -- what -- start has been for them just like fourth so perfect through three matches. Well Milan are in second with four point drama about the struggles of home. Is that in the third placed the threes three points to spend a lot of money to be good in the champions league and I'm delight in fourth was just a points. Milan and Alec yeah interesting pairing these two because Milan coming off the goal scoring frenzy of the week well -- -- don't concede goals so what are we supposed to expect when they clash. While we really -- right now we're thinking it's gonna be it's the high flying. Spanish contenders in Malaga who's really been a surprise this year -- quite a revelation that means in the -- yet. And then you're looking at this Syria side in me that was really -- thought it was nice to be honest here. But it really looked to be finding their way right now the team the formation this weekend. They were going to read back they've reverted back to four. With two and holding midfielder Kevin Faulk Forte returns that he may sit out for kids for Xenia also our -- pull the strings of top of the Madison out wide. Format I got back on his excellent they've got. It's likely -- -- -- -- -- to -- this game so it's going to be just the Mets have not -- clearly appeared inside defensively as a unit. And in one do you want situations and now you knew that coming off a five goals on the weekend it's a perfect time to -- to put that. The front line of the attacking group a mile and against the back on about it and see who comes out something has to give tomorrow about to have some real talent that backlash. Is that to have some real talent they spent a lot to get it. No Hulk will they be able to cope. But we assume all yet they went terrible story that isn't with hawk I mean you can only imagine that the mental stress the fellas on the now with the sister. -- being kidnapped as you mentioned earlier but called easily and score and he's he's been quite a revelation for them since. Joining us and it's a big big pickup for them and it opens and it's coming off to a heavy defeats want to -- -- to want to -- that at home. It's what it they're going to be trying to keep pace in the united us -- objective right now for second place. That -- to pretty much out of it but the bottom five -- if for no I don't think they've got enough to get this down but if Paul plays it's great if he doesn't we still have enough to get. Results of sticking with -- release story lines. It was widely regarded as a -- performance by Celtic when they went to Barcelona two weeks ago and -- the mighty Spanish side until the 94 minute when Jordy -- broke their hearts but now as the rematch approaches that's of the park Celtic players and fans alike. Have gained plenty of confidence all Berlin has the story. The stage is being set for one of the most hotly anticipated games here from lonely lonely time. Two weeks ago Celtics felt hard done by accident leaving the -- without. -- -- -- -- -- Much political keep the phrase of -- who has beaten twice repeatedly kept Celtic in the game. -- prevalence I Susan komen foundation. You know pockets of -- place very helpless to film and don't fulfill dilemma it's. Good opportunities statistical. You know Olympic illustration. -- -- little. Celtics president display in the new component that says that in any way from home in the champions. And Spartak Moscow that sounds optimistic I had a Wednesday -- time. Think so -- plus McNabb is as they'll -- -- -- -- stopped us yet in the low so they that they took this job Israel will be to one's major. Night -- does seem a bit -- and cycle game. Our activity gospel and now it's Max. Figured Jim -- and active have stepped up. There's much that is quintessentially Scottish about Glasgow giving the city and country a real sense of identity and unity. But it seems only half of the city will be getting behind Celtic. Rangers fans the switching allegiance to Barcelona this Wednesday so to -- Barcelona you're right just found. -- -- Jones went possible. You don't -- so -- for Scotland. And on. That's what boxing today it fit in in a place. Yet have also only now. Celtic can however points the fact that they -- the first British side to be crowned champions of Europe back in 1967. They -- gains into Milan in the Portuguese capital. Let Joseph Eckstein site to be known as the Lisbon Lions so it's almost -- us tomorrow Barcelona will arrive in Glasgow. And then stage training session here at Celtic park as I look to get accustomed to the surroundings but then on Wednesday night an entirely different proposition. This will be the Celtics dug -- that will be the Barcelona -- 60000 fans here full to capacity in one of the biggest games Scotland has ever staged. Pulled over and reporting for fox soccer news at Celtic -- Thanks. For that ball I'm jealous I wanna do the show and -- Connolly. -- great ending the peace can see that game on Fox Sports Net Celtics hosting Barcelona. It's got to be one of the biggest games in their history and all starts at 2 PM eastern 11 AM Pacific that is on Fox Sports Net. Join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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