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Current Video:Sunderland v Aston Villa Premier League Highlights 11/03/12|

Sunderland manager Martin O'neill faces his old team as Aston Villa travels to the Stadium of Light. Find out if he holds the upper hand.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's finished at the stadium looked like Sunderland deal Aston Villa won a big away win for Poland with sides. Something needs children up to its pretty serious. To be thin on the side impressed in the opening half and know what this the best -- it could create. As -- Johnson -- down Sunderland right hand side to lay it up but step insisting on in the middle. The ninth from six yards and -- plan makes him alone lunge. Andreas employment tested the ability that before half time with this running shields. But it was a routine stop them regulate diving to his left hand side. It -- at half time and that's his illness and Schultz and -- talking points. He -- and little did pick up -- a little weights it was helps but the -- side telling -- fronts through -- ball in the hole. Left and Steve cross it was in the back like -- you've -- technique. And ankle level insanity tap in is indeed in the process under the challenge vocalist -- young. Dissident union institute Villa in front against the run a play as well at the time. Sunderland through on -- saw -- and immediately thrown into the action. Should the message here with this set there as well under the pressure from Brad -- Andy -- -- -- Sunderland will enforce his will Sebring on -- Campbell. And throw everything at Taylor and that meant that space is opened at the back -- Sunderland and they were exploited -- by Stephen violence. Who laid it up full flight and again. Forcing another good safe from the seven and keep in regulation to dump the accident. It's on its place regulate with a still. But in the last few minutes. It was it Johnson Krejci Campbell the other substitutes. For Sunderland thrown on relates to see if he could school an equalizer. And should've done better. But this late three hit night and finished Sunderland nailed Aston Villa one.

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