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Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers thinks Luis Suarez will find it very difficult to win a penalty ahead of his sides match against Reading on Saturday.


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Liverpool manager Brendan villages things that was as far as who find it very difficult to win a penalty ahead of his side's match against reds -- on stuff today. You watch striker has scored five goals and seven Premier League games so far this season has been heavily criticized for diving. Mississippi it's constant for the guy. I think it's it's a piece it's easy business to the privilege of -- -- Thankfully myself here that. I get a chance to. We knew we knew every day and see that type of current pattern and the type of person -- and -- like -- -- He's had a lot about Chris. Of course recently and I also at the type of clearly is unfortunate that he's a box split. So there won't be too many players who will be involved in as many incidents across. Is really an interminable deuces to take it twists and turns shall we always ask -- questions of defenders. I think he's just such a stage where it looks like a -- the rule Poppins and -- she's not -- get apparently. Political. Well spent knowing he's a renting as the academy coach and it's and for freestyle in charge of the world in 2009. Well what does is eager for the free points on suffocate these forward to welcoming his former club's anfield in the Premier League. So fantastic club and I'll always be grateful. For -- and played in my support of my life and I moved to that when I was sixteen years of age and my kids were born there and lived in and the time for nearly twenty years. Probably -- you know my only about experience and and fumbles and -- coach and manager. At -- but I didn't even really see it as about experience was a great learning experience for me. They'll be no room for sentiment want to play gets in the -- on Saturday at a Portland yet to win a -- in the season.

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