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Current Video:Ashley Cole fined for Twitter outburst|

Chelsea defender Ashley Cole has been fined 90 thousand pounds by the English FA following an expletive outburst on Twitter that was directed at the governing body.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chelsea defender Ashley Cole has been fun to 90000 pounds by the English FA. Pulling and it's -- outlets don't -- set that was directed at the governing body. Two weeks ago -- -- -- -- have the FA cup that they trust the evidence he gave the John Terry race investigation. -- was found to -- his testimony of being a witness to an alleged racial incidents between Terry and keep young defenders hands on third and hence. The FA's investigation question the validity of Cole's involvement in Terry's defense we say described as improbable implausible and trying to. Because we actually saw him -- -- Davis can't unchallenged by the FA anti gay straight to reading a century of England -- his future international -- questions. But the 31 -- state to ban also offering a personal apology to FA chairman David Bernstein. Bernstein except it's his remorse but has to an attitude of cons I think that plays in the wake of the left back actions. Cole was rested to last week's fight till they cheered us on every day but he's now just a step away from making his hundredth cap. How the -- in Wednesday's 10 draw with opponents. Meanwhile it offensively for Terry Chelsea kept me to discipline the full whaling captain pulling the -- race investigation. Tedy decided not to appeal the governing bodies over a span of 220000. Pound fine on the cover since concerted states you have punish the 31 year old. The completely dissipated had to postpone that -- cup captain has fallen short of expectations. But refused an exact details public.

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